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Christmas Presents

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No one else has started this thread, so I thought I would. What did you get for Christmas to do with Geocaching or from another Geocacher? icon_biggrin.gif


Team Oddball got a Christmas Ornament with our team members names on it from Binrat & GeoGranny. It is very nice and goes with our one from last year icon_smile.gif


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Ma Bell and I got Chameleon a meridian gps. Turns out it's way better than her 330 map, so I think she is confiscating his Christmas present. Bad Mommy...


The mother in law bought me some more of my signature pins. If anyone is interested in a real cheap source to buy pins and patches go here:




Pins and patches are $1.50 each. No set up fee. No minimum order. And real cheap shipping.


My Avatar is the pin she did up for me.




"Boredom is the state of one's mind"


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I got a cache for Christmas. My wife set it up secretly and gave me the coordinates Christmas morning. It sure was better than another stupid sweater.

It's the first one we've placed. Check it out here:



"Everybody wants to save the world, but nobody wants to help mom with the dishes," -P.J. O'Rourke

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