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I have thought of putting an aviation cache at our private glider strip in Arkansas. We are just now moving away from a Municipal airport to our own 104 acre gliderport. (just got the land leveled and seeded in grass). I am concerned that it might be seen as a commercial cache by some. I haven't approached club management about it yet, but being a longtime member I think they will go for it.


Any thoughts? Is an aviation themed cache at a private gliderport too commercial?

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I'm not ready to say that planting a cache at an airport is a bad idea. On the other hand, I'm not sure I would want to be found stashing away a mysterious box on airport grounds given the heightened awareness of such things. Guess it all depends on the situation and your relationship with staff. Something to be considered though.

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a cache at a private strip would be considered too commercial. As long as you don’t charge a landing fee it wouldn’t be any different than placing a cache on private property with the land owners permission.

The pilot would still have to call ahead to get permission to land on the private strip though, wouldn’t they?

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You definitely would want to check with airport managers first. After you explain the concept to them though, I would guess that a lot of them would have no problem with it. The atmosphere at the smaller municipal airports is usually a lot more laid back than at the regional airports. I don’t think too many terrorist would be interested in blowing up a few single engine Cessnas.

My cache (refer to the original post) happens to be a virtual but I would have no problem placing a traditional cache there.

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Thumbs down only because the cache would be visited by people who should not be poking around an airport. I'm a pilot and worked at MWC and O2C and also flew and towed sailplanes at Aero Park (don't recall identifier) There are many great hiding places around the perimeters of the small fields but you have to avoid places where people would come near the ends of the runway or tie-downs. Often a plane will approach and drag the gear through the tall grass at the end of the runway. I'd hate to have a geocacher's head pop up right then! However, something or a virtual around the flight office is another story. How about this one for an aviation related virtual?


Steve Bukosky N9BGH

Waukesha Wisconsin

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