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Geocaching as PocketPC and GPS training?


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I sometimes train people to use ArcPad to collect geocoded attribute data and digital images. (People who don't use ArcView or ArcGIS face a learning curve.) They don't really need to know how to navigate to a waypoint, because they will be recording points and acquiring data there, and not (usually) making repeat visits.


When my family goes geocaching, I use a point shapefile to record the cache find, including the date and exchange information. These data are not "useful", but the activity seems like it would be an interesting exercise for someone learning the software and collection ... procedures.


Is geocaching too much like fun to include in PocketPC and GPS field data collection training?

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Geocaching is the primary practice recommendation I make to hikers that ask me how to use a GPS. It’s a great way to get some practice and play with your unit. It’s fun, you quickly learn the capability and quirks of the unit etc. After caching for awhile, you’re generally ready to use the unit for backcountry navigation.

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