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How many of you male geocachers were in Scouting?

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I "Braff" was in the cub scouts, and then the boy scouts. Was only in the boyscouts about a year, and then the group dissolved. There weren't enough volunteer's to keep scouting going.


Around that same time just about all scouting in the area stopped, no cubs, boys, or eagles.


I hated that it had happened because I had looked forward all those years to finally becoming an eagle scout, and then, it all just dissapeared.


There have been a few small upstarts since then, but nothing ever seems to really make it. There still just aren't enough volunteers to help, and actually, they don't encourage volunteering.


I've offered to help several times with different groups, but they never take me up on it. The ones that do volunteer want to do it all themselves without help from anyone else, and before long the group usually just gives up.

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I am a girl scout since I was in 7th grade (I'm 22 now). I actually got another troop-mate to go geocaching with me once.


We were an extremely outdoors troop- we only sewed something once. The rest of our interest patches were in outdoor skills and the like. I would say that a lot of my girl scout experience has a large impact upon the choices I make in the woods and how I decide if it's worth sticking my hand in that dark, cobwebby stump. <_<

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Made it to Scout 2nd Class myself before lost interest, but now a Web 2 leader with 11 yr old son (got another one in the oven, due date in May, so I'll be doing the scout thing again). WIll probably advance with son into Boy Scouts as a asst leader. Our scouts are heavy into caching. The troop leader and his wife (who is the cubmaster) got us into it. Been a whole lot of fun.

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Hubby was a Weblo but didn't continue to Boy Scouts. Now he is the Co-Scoutmaster of the Troop our son is in and has earned his Woodbadge.


Son is a Life Scout working on Eagle (he's 14 1/2 years old). He's been in Scouting since the second grade.


I was a Girl Scout and earned First Class (which at the time was the highest award available) while I was a Cadette. I am now a leader of a Brownie troop (no daughter).


Both programs offer exciting and rewarding activities to kids. Some of the kids we work with would never have the chance to go camping, learn to sew on a button, learn that they *can* start a campfire, etc etc etc.


Sign 'em up today!

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Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer. Led an Explorer Post at my Fire Department, Tiger Cub Den Leader then Assistant Cub Master, and now a Webelo Den Leader with my youngest son. Have been involved off and on for 5 decades.Yep, the 60's 70's, 80's, 90's and the 21st century. Gee, I'm old.


Plan to keep going and working with my son through Boy Scouts.

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I was such a tomboy when I was a little girl.


My mother was a den mother, plus my three brothers were all in boy/cub/webelos. For years I went to all the boy/cub scouting events, tagging along, wanting so badly to be a part of it all. I remember pestering my mother to let me join and her patiently explaining to me why I could not. She finally found a local girl scout troop and signed me up. The woman who headed up our troop was geared towards construction paper crafts and macaroni pictures than getting outdoors. I lasted six months before I told my mother I'd rather sit in and listen to the scout masters again, gleen what skills/information I could from them. Reading my brothers Boys' Life magazines and the handbooks taught me more than girl scouts ever did. It taught me how to make a campfire, to use a compass, and so so much more.


I still remember the Cub scout handshake. hehe

The Pinewood derby was a favorite of mine.


Such fond memories.

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As I grew up back in England- I started off in Brownie Guides then went to Girl Guides and got my Baden-Powell Trefoil then went to Venture Scouts and became a Cub Scout Assistant Leader and then Leader (Akela). Had to give it up through ill-health at the time but I did enjoy it and do miss it occasionally!

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I really like this topic. I was never in Boy Scouts, but as young boy I was always fascinated with the idea. I can remember as a young boy going to yard sales and buying old Boy Scout books and reading them and daydreaming of hiking across the Rocky Mountains and using the skills I'd learned about in the books. Now that I've put in my 2 cents I can read some of the many other responses. :yikes:

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Cub Scout, Webelow, Boy Scout, Soldier.....got my son involved as a Tiger, Cub & Webelow now he is a soldier. Was a Den Leader and Cub Master before my son lost interest. Just went to a friend's son's Eagle Award this past week, boy do I miss it. Great forum....and thanks for the memories of those 50 & 100 milers!

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Like Lickety-Split, I had 2 brothers in the scouts. I loved everything they were doing and finally joined Girl Scouts. I found out that girl scouts was about learning to make a bed, learning to cook (something I already knew how to do e_e) and going to camps with pretty cabins and learning all about horsies (HUUUR HUUR).

I quit "lickety-split" and continued tagging along with my brothers. v_v

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As a Scouter: Woodbadge (at Philmont!!) and a Philmont trek in 2000, another Philmont trek in 2002,


Well I didn't make it to Eagle Scout because I got into it to late but I had a great time while I was in. I was fortunate enough to be able to join my troop from Stuyvesant NY (forgot the # and its no longer anyways) on the trek to Philmont N.M. in I think 92. We took the northern route and went up the wrong side of Baldy Mt. (ie.. we were not wimps and took on "The Wall") Everyone at the top just looked down the side we came up and went the other way.


Another time while in the Adirondacks, the troop I was in, (about 10 of us) took on everyone in the camp up there and won every Tug of War. At one point it was 30 against 10 of us and we still won. After we took on everyone, we challenged the counselors.

Once we knew we knew that had won that match, we let go of the rope and let them all go flying to there bottoms.

They were not to happy, but it sure made us and everyone else laugh :ph34r::lol:


Ahhh those were the days, and boy do I miss them.

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I started as a Tiger Cub in the First grade, went on to earn my Arrow of Light as a Webelo, and then crossed over into the Boy Scouts. (Troop 125, Cadillac MI) My scoutmaster was the famous "Doc" Wernert. What a guy...


I went on to earn my Eagle Scout, and three palms. I am a Brotherhood member of OA.


My troop was awesome. So many parents and volunteers that put their own time and money to make a good time for us. We went on 2 High Adventure trips, and one National Jamboree.


The greatest honor that I received as an Eagle Scout was being asked to be an Honor Guard at the funeral of President Gerald R. Ford.


I had a ton of fun, learned more in my years as a scout than I did in all of college. Good to see so many scouts here.

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Earned my Eagle June 1986. Our son is now a First Class Scout and has only been in the Troop 11 months. He did earn the Arrow of Light, which I missed out on as a youth. He and I are having so much fun working through the Scout Book and Ranks together. I actually am scheduled to attend Wood Badge this spring.



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Wolf Cub, Boy Scout (not Eagle - here in Canada the big one is "World Conservation Award" and I have that one), then Venturer, then "Kim" (Leader assistant).


Now I have a 3 year-old - so we'll need to get things going for him.


Hey LFD, stringbean72 and I were both in cubs as well. We started at the same time so he was in beavers and me in cubs then as time went on, he moved to cubs. Spent a couple of years as sixer then I eventually went on to scouts.


Then, growing up in rural southern Alberta, there wasn't enough desire among the older guys to stick with it so I got no farther than scouts.

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As a youth: I was in cub scouts starting at wolf through Boy Scouts (got to Life :laughing: ).


As an adult: Tiger-Webelos II Den leader, Asst. Cubmaster, Cubmaster, and now Asst. Scoutmaster in my son's troop. I have also been a Unit Commissioner and District Membership Chairman for our district.


My son is soon to be a Life scout and if all goes well an Eagle scout in a couple of years :P

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Many moons ago I was a Girl Guide. When our children became Cubs and Brownies we were asked as parents to help out now and then!!!! I became a Guide leader for 15 years and my husband became a Scout Leader for 10 years and then a army cadet leader for 5 years. Our Daughter is now a Brownie Leader. Orienteering was always a favourite. Unfortunately our children are muggles (ouch) and think we are totally of our rockers!

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Started as a Bear cub (I think) and made it through to Life Scout in 1976. Back then making Eagle required earning Swimming and Life Saving merit badges and I was a horrible swimmer and still am. There wasn't anymore I could do in scouts and a car and girls dragged me away. My general ineptitude in and around water still haunts me today as it keeps me away from those pesky "boat required" caches. I'm currently a Webelos patrol leader for my son's patrol. I've found lots of great places to take my patrol hiking through geocaching.

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I earned my Eagle rank in 1976. I spent some time as an adult leader, while my youngest son was in cubs. I could not get either of my two sons interested in scouting.


I remember as a scout doing "map and compass". We would look at a topographical map, and have to find various places using our compass, and visual points of reference. I also remember having seen benchmarks as a scout. Who'd of ever thought that it would become a "real" sport!?!


I think that a GPSr is much more fun than an old compass! :laughing:


I have a scouting geocoin that I placed about a month ago. Unfortunately, it is "stuck". I will move it on Monday, if nobody finds it over the weekend.



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I was in the Scouts until 8th Grade, earned my First Class rank and fell flat on my face when I saw the requirements for Eagle. Schoolwork began to pile up and my poor time-management skills at 11 years old weren't too great, so I dropped out of Scouts.


Always loved the program, but it saddens me to know that I'll never be allowed back in because of my sexuality.

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i was in cub scouts for about a year, It was the best time i ever had besides 4H. Would have loved if this kind of thing was around back then and maybe we would have had the pack around longer we went from 8 down to 2 and that was when the leader called it quits due to only having the son and myself and the daughter as the pack and the daughter only hung out with us cause she felt sorry for us.

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I just started caching a month ago but it's second nature to me.


I was a cub scout who grduated to weblow's and then on to scouting. I was working on my Star when I got involved in organized sports which conflicted with scouting. I then went on to enlist in the Unites States Navy where I served for 20 years before my retirement on 2008.


One of our summer project was to make a detailed (3-d) topographic map of a pond on a local scout reservation. So we put out rope guides and did the whole project using a jonboat ,plumb bob, and a compass. It took us two months to collect all the data and three weeks to trace the data and layout the pond's topography. That drawing is still in place at the reservation and hasn't been duplicated since 1983.

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i was in cub scouts for about a year, It was the best time i ever had besides 4H. Would have loved if this kind of thing was around back then and maybe we would have had the pack around longer we went from 8 down to 2 and that was when the leader called it quits due to only having the son and myself and the daughter as the pack and the daughter only hung out with us cause she felt sorry for us.

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i was in cub scouts for about a year, It was the best time i ever had besides 4H. Would have loved if this kind of thing was around back then and maybe we would have had the pack around longer we went from 8 down to 2 and that was when the leader called it quits due to only having the son and myself and the daughter as the pack and the daughter only hung out with us cause she felt sorry for us.

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Earned My Queen's Venturer Award and my Chief Scout's Award which combined roughly equal the Eagle Scout. I worked at the Canadian Jamboree in 2007 at the Geocaching activity where we planted about 60 caches and then supervised groups of scouts finding the caches themselves. Was great fun.

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I was a scout for one year as a youth.

Became a troop scouter in 1991.

Assistant District Commissoner for scouts section in 1993.

Deputy District Commissioner in 1994 to 1995

Distict Commissioner from 1996 to 1999

Deputy Regional Commissioner 2000

Went back to the troop level 2001 and have been there since.

I am now working on year 18 as a leader. :(

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I was a Cub Scout back in the 1950's, never was regular Scout, then was an Explorer in the early 60's. I got my introduction to wilderness travel as an Explorer, making 2 canoe trips to the Boundary Waters and the Quetico back when it was really still wild country. On an 8 day trip it was rare to see another human being who wasn't part of your group. We learned to follow map and compass to find our way across huge lakes to the next portage, sometimes having to search a couple of similar looking inlets to find the trail (the guide always knew where it was, but the navigator for the day was expected to try to get there without his assistance). That is probably what set the seeds for my starting into geocaching now nearly 50 years later. :(

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Had a great dinner this week with friends from Albuquerque NM who'd flown up to Anchorage AK to see their son before his unit (4/25 - 4th Brigade [Airborne] 25th Inf Div) deploys next week from Alaska to Afghanistan. My friend & I earned our Eagle rank in the early 70's and this young man earned his Eagle just after the turn of this century (geez we're old!). As we chatted across what the young soldier has been doing to prepare for deployment it was obvious he had learned land navigation, leadership, and woodcraft skills on the journey to his Eagle rank - and that paid off when he joined up. That night I saw and heard self-confidence based on achievement as a Scout. It may seem 'wimpy' to some folks, but this soldier's remarks made clear that as the Army taught him warfighting skills he was already secure in his ability to take charge, find the route, arrive and settle in for the night in the wilderness. His choice of jobs in the Army on coming out of boot camp? 19D - Cavalry Scout (with Airborne qualification) - because it looked like where the action would be. He's been geocaching with me a bit, and is looking forward to doing more here when he's back from this tour of duty. Perhaps he'll come across CavScout one day as well...

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Eagle in 1995. Since then been an Asst Scout Master in charge of the eleven year olds. That lasted a short time before I moved which was good because parents were upset that their kids weren't advancing and I sat there scratching my head because parents would make sports more important and have their kids show up late and not go on camps because that would mean missing a game. I started seeing too many advancements "given" away as I was getting out of it and then too many people expecting that as I was getting back in as a leader. I think that the program is a great one, though.

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