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geocaching and rapelling

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I'm a relative newbie, so don't listen to a thing I say, but I believe that that's used in the GC.com docs as an example of what a cache with a terrain rating of 5 stars would be.


From the docs:


...please provide the coordinates in WGS84 format and let us know a) the difficulty (1-5, 5 being the hardest) and terrain rating (1-5, 5 using climbing gear), ...



Random fortune:


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I would give you a 'pat on the back'.

I wish east-central Fla had terrain

that would allow that type of cache.

I think that many people would like

it.When we drive by fire department

training towers I always ask the wife

'how could we get permission' to

place offset cache numbers half

way down. icon_biggrin.gif


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As long as you specify that gear will be needed on the cache page, and post an appropriate rating I say go for it. You might want to include anchor making options at the location if you want to be nice. BTW "rappelling" has two "p"s icon_smile.gif


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I think it would be fine (as long as it's rated 5 stars for terrain).


There's a cache on a ledge in a nearby climbing area. Unless you rapped down from the top (or climbed up from the bottom - it's a 5.7/5.8 route), it's not accessible. I'm actually surprised it hasn't been compromised.


I think it's a neat idea (but recognize you won't get much traffic to the cache).


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"Hell, I am trying to figure out how to place a cache on the moon."


It might be entertaining and instructive to compose a "puzzle" cache involving necessary research to answer your questions regarding the moon. You might also require seekers to study a detailed picture of the moon (or the real thing through a big telescope) to find landmarks on it, perhaps at "moon coordinates" you give (based on some given north pole and prime meridian reference you provide for the picture). Questions/answers regarding these moon-landmark visual features would be decoded to yield the Earth coordinates where you've hidden the cache.

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Originally posted by scoobydo:

would i get totally bashed if i placed a cache in the middle of a 100 foot cliff that required rapelling to find the cache?

So, what do you think, scoobydo?

Any progress on this idea?


-- I recognize fun when I see it.

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I say go for it. A few friends and I are going hiking in the Pisgah National Forest in N.C. @ Memorial Day and plan to place a cache either atop, at the bottom, or somewhere inbetween by a little known waterfall about 6 miles back in the forest along a seldom traveled trail. I'm carrying my climbing gear to climb and rappelling the waterfall, so I see no problem doing it. As long as I can get an ammo box from Sissy-n-CR first. icon_wink.gif


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This would not be a cache I would ever be able to do but I bet a lot of you would have fun. As long as the special requirement was noted in the cache description. Let us know if it gets posted so I can put it on my watch list.


As far as the Moon, someone in Tucson put a cache on the moon here.




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