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My Girlfriend/Roommate

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My Girlfriend who I have been with for 8-9 Years, wonders what I do on My time off from work, since She worked on weekends "TILL NOW".(i told her i was now geocaching)

Now She wants to go with Me. Darn work changes.

I will have a Buddy/Girlfriend to go with Me.


She said I could not go out anymore without HER.


Guess I Will Not Be Alone Any More and Add a New Geocacher.



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Soon you will have to change your name to: "Team ______" cuz she will want to get some credit for the caches, too....


Why not have her register her own account? My boyfriend and I have separate accounts since we have each found some caches that the other hasn't. If we find caches together, we each log them separately.



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My Girlfriend who I have been with for 8-9 Years, wonders what I do on My time off from work, since She worked on weekends "TILL NOW".(i told her i was now geocaching)

Now She wants to go with Me. Darn work changes.

I will have a Buddy/Girlfriend to go with Me.


She said I could not go out anymore without HER.


When you told her you were geocaching, she probably thought "Likely story, no grown man would do something like that". So she thinks now's her chance to catch you in a lie.


"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues" -Abraham Lincoln

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st. richardson, awesome idea! too bad we were engaged a year ago....

anyways, how weird it is for you (excop) to want to go caching by yourself, i think its more fun to share the experience and "tragedies" sometimes.


Cool deal.


~~Cache Money Bling Bling~~

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Originally posted by SIDEWINDER:

Hope she likes geocaching because if she doesn't and says it is either going to be geocaching or me you know which one needs to go.




If she doesn't like it, can he trade her for a McToy? Or would this be considered trading down? icon_wink.gif


Happy Halloween

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My wife thought she would like it, and wanted to go with me. So if you don't want her to go along, then here are a few tricks for your first few times out with her.


Rule #1 - Never let her hold the gps'r. Never, never, never. Don't tech her how to use it, and keep your instruction manual well out of her site.


Rule #2 - You plan he cache adventure. Never, never let her decide where you are going.


Rule #3 - Since you own the gps'r she has to buy the gas.


Rule #4 - Never drive directley to the cache site. Circle around the general cache area for as long as you posibly can, like you can't figure out which street to turn on. She will get bored very fast. (Some times this realy happens.)


Rule #5 - Never park near the cache site. Park as far away as you can and make her walk a ways. I would say at least 1 mile or more away from the cache.


Rule #6 - Alays keep the windows in the car rolled down. Even if it's hot, cold or raining. Tell her it helps the gps signals if the windows are rolled down. This will make her either hot, or cold and will mess up her hair.


Rule #7 - On a first outing with here never go to a regular cache. Go to a micro, with nothing in it. Or goto a real lame cache geared for kids. You know the kind, the ones with all the McDonalds toy junk and such.


Rule #8 - Never walk directley up to a cache. When your in the general cache area, walk back and forth constantley. Strech the search out as long as you can.


Rule #9 - Never stay on the trails. Make sure you walk through as much brush as you can find.


Rule #10 - Leave all your trading items in the car, and then make her treck back after them why you wait and guard the cache.


If you follow all of these rules you will be on your own again, after two outings.


Take Care


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I think it's wonderful she wants to go along. Sounds like you're not sure about it, but we are married and always go together..have taken family and friends a couple of times, as well. I say, the more the merrier! Couldn't imagine going it alone without my significant other! Would hate for my partner to miss the fun! BTW...hiding the ring and posting coords sounds like a WONDERFUL idea!! Happy Hunting!!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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My experience geocaching with my wife Kyrie has been mixed. You see, her life is much more full of activities and so she doesn't have the kind of time that I do. So, having much more opportunity to go it alone, I do.


Except that she gets mad for my having left her behind. And I mean the "We NEVER do anything together" mad. I bought the GPSr, the bike mount, the pile of rechargable batteries, the digital camera, the bag for the trinkets, what am I supposed to do? Stay home doing nothing while she goes out doing something other than geocaching for fear of the arguement that would ensue had I gone geocaching without her?


Well, that's pretty much how it works.


My recourse is combine my geocaching with things she wouldn't be involved in. I ride my bike long distances on a nearby bike trail. Since she won't ride as far as I can or for as many hours as I do, I can pick up caches outside her range. I also do a lot of benchmark hunting, something she has no interest in at all.


The result is all the local caches that I could snag while I have nothing better to do and she's out shopping or at some meeting or otherwise occupied sit in reserve. They wait for the rare opportunity that we both have nothing else to do at the same time.


It's the chance you take. In my cse, I prefer to be out in nature by myself. Able to move at my own pace and take the rutes best for me. My wife is much more social and wants find things for us to do together. To avid arguments, I submit to her will. Hopefully, you're much more gaocaching compatable.

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while we're on the girlfriend subject...


First off, it's an awesome thing to do together. I'm hesitant to say it, but, It can be romantic! What a great way to score a few brownie points.


Plus, it's a pretty innocent getaway for a solo trip. If you didn't need a getaway from your significant other now and then, I'd question your sanity -- no matter how much you love them!


The romance goes down hill sometimes for me though. When the journey is a lot longer than expected or if we get swarmed with bugs, or the 9 million other things that can go wrong while geocaching.


I know my significant other appreciates geocaching, but, I'm always afraid I'm going to burn her out on it -- by dragging her around to a few too many caches, or send her through a hellish no-find. I think I frusterate her sometimes.


I guess it's a situation which takes 'kid gloves' to handle.... Just like all situations involving relationships ;)


to quote the great Kent Dorfman, "women* can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em."


* (you can replace this with 'men' -- i know this goes both ways icon_wink.gif )

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I have to agree with the romantic/family outtings crowd. Pack a ground tarp in your pack, find a particulary out of the way cache, and after you find it, have a "bit o fun." Pack bug spray, but mind the drift, it can burn...


As far as the "family outtings," I cant think of a better way to spend an afternoon with your family. I know you arent married, but just for the future...


Above all, keep it fun.



Brad Buskey

N38:17.281, W85:32.998


Magellan Meridian Platinum

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Well, after reading these posts, I realize how lucky I am. My wife and I have been geocaching for two years now. We both love to be outdoors and have time away from the bustle of our everyday lives. We plan weekend trips around geocaching and have for years now. She doesn't have the strong desire to cache daily that I do, so when I have time and she doesn't, she doesn't mind that I cache alone.


I am a lucky man!

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Hmmmm....My girlfriend of over 5yrs (we've also known each other for the past 24yrs, since we were kids), has given me nothing but grief over geocaching since I started several months ago... icon_rolleyes.gif She thinks its a frivolous hobby, even though she enjoys hiking...Go figure!


But thats OK, since we just broke up... icon_biggrin.gif

Now I get the chance to find a woman who will like caching....Easier said than done, though... icon_frown.gif







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My wife is lukewarm to the hobby, so I have to plan caches in the 1/1 range, maybe slightly higher. She gets a great thrill when she finds the cache itself, it's the terrain and bugs they get her down.


So bacially I cache alone when I have time (lunch hour, her Saturday to work, etc.), and save the easy ones for her when she wants to go. We share much in common, so I do not mind if I am not out caching when we are together. It is a compromise, but it works for us.


Make a sanity check.migo_sig_logo.jpg

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My wife thinks the whole thing is kinda wierd (caching)... she doesn't really understand how fun it is for me. Oddly enough, she was along on one cache trip that I snuck in while we were doing errands and SHE found the cache before I did! icon_mad.gif


BUT, she IS intrigued with the whole idea of cache placement and containers and has even gone so far as to buy me some interesting containers in which to place future caches! So maybe she's more of a cache hider than a cache finder.

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Originally posted by excop1313:


She said I could not go out anymore without HER.



Dude, you need to RUN (don't jog) as far and as fast as your legs can go. She is reeling you in buddy. The hook is in, and soon she'll give it a good yank and you'll be flopping around gasping for air. icon_eek.gif

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Originally posted by Woof!:

If she doesn't like it, can he trade her for a McToy? Or would this be considered trading down? icon_wink.gif


Happy Halloween


If you decide to break up, you can tie a travel bug dogtag to her toe and leave her at a cache somewhere.



Would you like some cheese with your whine?

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If you go to my rogers.com page in the signature below you will see how I have included the whole family in geocaching.


Get some travel bugs and let her release one with a goal that she will find interesting. And set up a cache for her near you so she can look after it.






Ontario geocachers http://groups.msn.com/GeocachinginOntario/homepage

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my husband thinks it's a wretched habit of mine, but as i'm still doing it, he has conceded to coming along with me on weekends. sometimes, which i appreciate. he still thinks i'm insane, but is understanding. he generally stays in the car when i go out to search. he can't stand the bugs, and is allergic to fireants. i cache alone quite happily during the week. icon_smile.gif




who's got the pig?

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Even though we're seperated, I took my wife out for the first time last weekend. She enjoyed it despite a sore foot(surgery in August). The problem will be when it gets cold, too hot, rainy, windy, hilly, too many bugs, etc.. I guess she'll be a fair-weather partner.

When the going gets tough, she runs away!


Maps?!? I don't need no stinking maps! I got coordinates!


There's a fine line between Geocaching and mental illness, I'm just not sure which side of the line I'm on!

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Having similar interests and being friends with your girlfriend is important. You can still have some alone cache time after work and make your own caches. If you want to be alone that much you may want to consider if this is the person you want to be in a relationship with.

One PROBLEM I have.......How do you tell your new interest that you are still sharing an account with your ex boyfriend. Is there a way to become separate?

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