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Mario's Tower - World's most difficult Geocache


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Well, Mario's Tower - the world's most difficult geocache, has (finally) been opened. You can read more about it at:




or the official cache site at:




The short summary is that it is a 13-part multi-cache that will require you to solve many different brain and logic puzzles to move from stage to stage, as well as challenging cache finds. It's located in Cincinnati, Ohio, so come one, come all.


And yes, I do realize it's a bit pretentious to label something as "The world's most difficult" - I give thanks to all those puzzle caches that came before me, Hard as Pi, Contact, and many others I'm sure I'm forgetting.


But now the race is on - who will be the first to solve the riddles and make their way through the kingdom to Mario's Tower? The contenders are:


DLiming (Cincinnati) - Currently 7th in the world with 579 found, and #1 in Cincinnati and Ohio.


ladybuggers (Cincinnati) - 17th in the world and #2 in Cincinnati and Ohio


Show me the Cache (Louisville) - #10 in the world


Team Lead Pipe (Cincinnati) - These enigmatic cachers were one of the founders of the hobby here in Cincinnati but haven't cached in over 6 months. Will such a challenge lure them out of retirement?


Draegon, kimbyj, and Pewterz (Cincinnati) - Numbers 4, 5 and 6 in Cincinnati


BVCY Swim (Dayton) - #7 in Cincinnati and #4 in Ohio - these cachers have left their fish-lips on 52 caches in Cincinnati over the past 3 months, regularly stopping by to log 10-15 caches in a single day.


Or will it be some relative unknown - who takes this opportunity to place their mark on Cincinnati geocaching history. Stay tuned....

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