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GPS on Airplane

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Took my GPS several times with me on flights to North Carolina and Hawaii from CA. Just got back from a flight to NC on Continental Airlines. They treated it just like any other electronic device on board. They requested it was off during take-off and landing. You have to have a window seat for it to work. (At least with mine you did). Some people have asked permission others have just used it and figured they would turn it off if requested. You will have to use your best judgement there. As far as the screeners go at the baggage counter, nobody ever asked me. I would make sure it has fresh batteries and is operational if asked to turn it on. I have not flown since they have added new federal employee screeners, so things may be different now. It should be fine.


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As an employee of Continental Airlines, I can say the following:


There is no specific ban on GPS use onboard the aircraft, except for the normal electronic device restrictions below 10,000 ft.


It is still best to ask. With the current atmosphere, you don't want to be seen huddling by a window with a strange device. Let the crew know what you want to do and if they say no, respect that decision.


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I used my Garmin V on a recent cross-country flight, with no problems. It was fun to tell nearby passengers what town we were passing over (by looking at the basemap), our airspeed, and estimated time of arrival (I had waypointed the destination airport). Never lost reception once. I did take a nap from Kansas to Illinois.


One of the coolest things in the last 40 minutes of the return flight was watching all the "geocache found" icons zip by on the map. I could look down and spot reservoirs, forests and parks that I had cached in.



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It was fun to tell nearby passengers what town we were passing over (by looking at the basemap), our airspeed, and estimated time of arrival
As they thought, "What a geek." Just kidding. icon_biggrin.gif


Seriously though, I have always asked permission of the captain or crew if I see them in the gate area. Never had a problem except when a senior flight attendant got a little pissy and I politely told her the captain said it was ok if she wanted to check with him.


Even though it won't interfere with the guidance on the plane, I always turn mine on or off according to the "electronic devices" rule.


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