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Caching vacation to Hawaii?

Dru Morgan

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I want to plan a trip to Hawaii to essentially 'storm the state' and hit all the caches there. The leaderboard has the highest finder in the state at 22 Hawaii caches. There are a total of 106 in the state as of this posting. For some of us (you know who you are) this is an open challenge.


My idea is to get a group of us over there and get some cheap lodging for week or two and spread out and do our stuff. We can show them what mainlanders are capable of. We can cache together in teams if we want to build some lifelong friendships with fellow cachers, or can split up into solo teams if that is more your style.


What I picture is a rented Jeep for each 'team' of 2-4 people. It looks like 6 major islands with caches on them. We could stop on each one and see how many we could get in two days. We could have prizes for the team who gets the most on each island and a grand prize for the most out of all islands. Friendly competition to keep us going.


In order to get good group rates, we need to have 20 commitments. If there are almost 20 interested. I will look into the prices for the package for each person. Then I will post the exact deal and take signups then.


There are 8 major islands, so we would have to have a multi island trip to hit more than just the main one. This can be included in the plan. Maybe even a charter boat to take us between islands for one leg.


If this interests you at all, please respond with the following...


How many in your party? Adults/kids


What are the best dates?


How long? 1 week? 2 weeks?


Preferred lodging? Big condo for all? Individual hotel rooms? Camping? Hostel? Other?


City of origin? Ease of travel to Los Angeles for starting point.


One island? Multi-Island?


Other info that I am forgetting we should gather?


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Wow! Can't make it, but that sounds like an ambitious trip!


I'm curious about the condition of Hawaii caches, since I'd estimate half are place by tourists who never come back to them... and I'd also guess that many of the visitors to Hawaiian caches are tourists.


Wow... a Hawaiian geocaching vacation. That's cool.



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I tried to get people interested in a Cayman Island trip when I first started geocaching. No-one even replied to my post. (Very disheartening...) Anyway, if you get a group together, YAHOO! I would seriously consider doing something like this in Hawaii or CI no sooner than 3-5 years from now. Got wee lil' ones to think about. you know!!


If you can make this idea a reality in our time frame, Team Gootz will certainly make an effort to go!!


Where in the nursery rhyme does it say Humpty Dumpty is an egg?

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I may be interested. J-Ra and I would make two.


I am pretty flexible on the dates, but I'll need to check with J-Ra as her work is less flexible. I'd prefer early January. She'll still have off from work.


I'd prefer to cache in teams of 4 if possible. I'd like to meet other people to cache with, which is why I'd prefer the team of 4. It would be neat though to meet up with people nightly.


I think I'd prefer to rent one big condo, etc. for two reasons 1) the fun of hanging out with everyone 2) I think it'd be cheaper.


What else did I forget?


- Dekaner of Team KKF2A

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