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where did you hear about geocaching?

Guest lionel3

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I read about geocaching in the Atlanta Journal (I live in Florida). I went out and bought a GPS the following week. It gave me an excuse to use on my wife on why I needed one (not just because I wanted a new toy).

I actually remember reading this thread when it first appeared in 2001.


I read about geocaching in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and bought a yellow garmin to try it out. However it had terrible reception, so I returned it a few weeks later. After I read about it a second time, I went out and bought a garmin E-map and found about a dozen caches.(which i had only signed my actual name to) I was using a library computer at the time and had no e-mail address. Later after finding out about free e-mail, I signed up in early 2002. I had left my old computer with my exwife in Nj and was not anxious to get another, for at the time AOL and Prodigy charged an hourly fee which had ran up my credit card quite a bit..


Back then geocaching was mostly about trading items, and mostly everyone left a paragraph or so in the logbook.

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First heard about it on Slashdot.org, back about 2000.


In 2003 a friend with a GPSr asked if a small group would like to try it out as there were some hidden in the area.


I was initially hooked and wanted to cache a lot, but had exhausted the local cache supply rather quickly and only had added one myself.


Shortly after that I got into road cycling, which took up most of my time and energy. Then my own GPSr died and I was clearly on sabbatical. I suffered a bad crash on the road and looked to spend less time in the bike and more on my own two feet and gradually got back into it. Now it's tying up quite a bit of my time. Guess I'm hooked again. :)

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I learned about it in Boy Scouts. One of our Scout leaders mentioned it to our Troop at our annual summer camp in Cook Forest, PA. We went geocaching a few times, and I was hooked. My family got a GPS a month later and we've been geocaching ever since.


I recently introduced geocaching to The Beaver Valley Amateur Radio Association, which is the ham radio club associated with our Boy Scout Troop. All of the members are extremely enthusiastic about geocaching, and a few of them have even went out to buy a GPS just to geocache.



Member of The Beaver Valley Amateur Radio Association, W3SGJ

Eagle Scout, Boy Scout Troop 405

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I clicked on a geocaching link while browsing for a gps. I wanted the gps to mark fishing spots because the " mark an X on the bottom of the boat" wasnt cutting it for me :antenna::antenna:


LOL!!!! kinda like scouting and marking where the moose are moving with orange trail tape....as opening day gets closer the woods looks like it was toilet papered with the stuff :antenna: ....

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I started in Belgium when a co-worker told me about it. Whats remarkable about this is that I an Canadian, and he is American, and we were on a business trip to the same office (but for different reasons). We went out caching one Saturday, and ended up in France (we crossed the border without realizing it). Been hooked ever since.

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i'm just curious, where did everyone on here first hear about geocaching? How did you find it?<BR><BR>lionel3


The Iowa DNR Website while preparing for a Camping trip for the Cubscouts in Norwalk, Iowa. They had a link on their page pointing to an application for a permit to place a geocache. Curious as to what the heck that was I read the permit and went to the site. Tried to find a couple without a gps unsuccessfully, bought a colorado and the addiction began.

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From the local news channel after a controlled explosion was carried out on a suspicious package placed underneath a planter in a high street in Yorkshire. The cacher had been spotted by a muggle who reported it to the police who called in the bomb squad who blew up the cache.

So I looked on the web and found a hidden world all about me.

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I follow a guy on Instagram (photo sharing app for mobiles) and from time to time he would post pics of his caching adventures. I became curious, so I downloaded the free GC app and set off after work to find one near my house.


It's a good thing I'm not easily discouraged because I failed at my first few attempts. After I finally found my first cache I knew this game is for me.

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I help with a scout troop and in May 2010 we bought two Garmin Rino 120's but no one knew how to use them so I took one home to read the instructions. In the instructions was brief information about geocaching. I went to the website listed and the rest is history, much to the chagrin of my wife.

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A friend of mine was online before me more than a decade ago and mentioned it while out SCUBA Diving back then with local lobster fishermen who relied on GPS to mark good trapping areas and our favorite dive spots. Unfortunately my friend died before we could figure his old handheld megellan out. I have a bit of a obsession with maps and the like, so I am finally giving this a go this year.

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A few years ago I was contemplating creating a "gps aided scavenger hunt" where people would find hidden containers that would contain hints that would lead them to a location where they could then answer questions and/or post photos on a website for a reward/recognition/etc. While searching for info/ideas for my game I found a site with a guy who was making dead-drop spikes that "could be used for geocaching." I then looked up geocaching and found out that my idea was nothing new LOL.I registered on the site but I sort of put off the idea as the semester was coming to an end with finals and all. I remembered it again when I went hiking with a friend a few months ago and have been hooked since.

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