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US Government setting standards including "Radio Frequency Tagging"

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NEWS RELEASE from the United States Department of Defense


No. 555-03


Jul 29, 2003




DoD Introduces Unique Identification Policy


Michael Wynne, acting under secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics), announced a new policy for the unique identification of items that are purchased by the Department of Defense. Unique identification also known as UID --

will enhance logistics, contracting and financial business transactions supporting U.S. and coalition troops. Through the new policy, the Department can consistently capture the value of items it buys, control these items during their use and combat counterfeiting of parts.


Noting the savings to be gained from the knowledge, Wynne said this is a business imperative for the Department, which has been without a universal method for parts

identification. Already, Wynne noted, expansion of the policy to radio frequency identification tags is underway, as well as expanding to government property, both real and expensed items.


A team of Department-wide specialists, industry participants and international partners worked on a fast track to develop the policy. Wynne praised the team, highlighting its arrival at a collaborative solution compatible with an existing

International Standards Organization (ISO) standard. A modification to the ISO standard will be submitted later this year, with hopes of a complete alignment and an ISO imprimatur within 24 months.


The new policy and supporting information can be found on the Web at

http://www.acq.osd.mil/uid [http://www.acq.osd.mil/uid].


[Web Version: http://www.dod.mil/releases/2003/nr20030729-0267.html]




Trash-out, EVERYtime

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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

The UID concept is pretty exciting. It has many interesting applications, but I agree with Criminal. WTFDTHTDWG?


I got it. A multi/puzzle cache where you find some items that the DoD purchases. Then you plug the UIDs of this items into a formula that gives you the final location of the cache. [icon_smile.gif]



Why do I always find it in the last place I look?

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Did somebody say Vespa Scooters?

Here are some photos of mine


and here is our Scooter Club



Originally posted by Criminal:

I?m not being critical or anything, but what does this have to do with geocaching or Vespa Scooters? I?m just not seeing the connection.



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Don't kid ourselves, geocachers. This high tech game of hide and seek has beams bouncing off both ends. If you know where you are, THEy (whoever they is) know where you are.

Like anything innovative, massly produced and readily available to you and me, has been spent, the bugs worked out and used and abused by the healthy, wealthy and advised.

Lets enjoy geocaching while we can. I think we should all milk a cow, tend a garden and find where all the caches are in our lifetime.


~singing~Making a living the old hard way

Taking and giving day by day

Digging the snow and rain and the bright sunshine

---Caching the Line

I feel fine I'm talking about peace of mind I'm gonna take my time

Caching the Line La La La La La La La Caching the Line

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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

The UID concept is pretty exciting. It has many interesting applications, but I agree with Criminal. WTFDTHTDWG?



Bad flashback. Back in the 80's I had a private high school math teacher who always wrote WDTVHTDWM?


"What does this verse have to do with mathematics?"



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