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Vote for my Avatar


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I can't decide. So I will let you all do it for me. Which avatar do you like best?










Or the Beaver:




Which do you like best? Which would look better on a Geohiking stick?



I have never been lost. Been awful confused for a few days, but never lost!

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I too voted for the busy beaver. They are tasty too, Kealia! icon_wink.gif Plus it makes more sense for Bilder. The bear is awful cute though. icon_rolleyes.gif


These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes;

Nothing remains quite the same.

Through all of the islands and all of the highlands,

If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane

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Well, in the famous words of Primus....


Wynona's got herself a big brown beaver

and she shows it off to all her friends.

One day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her,

So she caged him up with cyclone fence.

Along came Lou with the old baboonAnd said "Recognize that smell?"

"Smells like seven layers,

That beaver eats Taco Bell."

Now Rex he was a Texan out of New Orleans

And he travelled with the carnival shows.

He ran bumper cars, sucked cheap cigars

And he candied up his nose.

He got wind of the big brown beaver

So he though he'd take himself a peek,

But the beaver was quick

And grabbed him by the kiwis.

Now he ain't pissed for a week.(And a half!)

Now Wynona took her big brown beaver,

And she stuck him up in the air.

Said "I sure do love this big brown beaver

And I wish I did have a pair.

"Now the beaver onces slept for seven days

And it gave us all an awful fright.

So I tickled his chin and I gave him a pinch

And the bastard tried to bite me.

Wynona loved her big brown beaver

And she stroked him all the time.

She pricked her finger one day and it

Occurred to her she might have a porcupine.


That being said, I like the gopher.



Team A.I.

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Originally posted by Snoogans:

Originally posted by Stunod:

Everyone loves a happy beaver!

_"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand." - Homer Simpson_

__Eamus Catuli AC145895__


Yes, I've always been fond of the Beave. bad_boy_a.giftongue.gif



http://www.texasgeocaching.com Sacred cows make the best hamburger....Mark Twain.



Ward, weren't you a little hard on the Beaver last night? cute.gif



Team A.I.

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Gonna let this run for till 10pm eastern time tonight.


So far the Gopher leads by a couple votes.



I have never been lost. Been awful confused for a few days, but never lost!

N61.12.041 W149.43.734

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