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Geocache-bookcrossing thought... :)

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and have 9 books registered - ready to be released into caches, Starbucks, etc. I released one yesterday at a Starbucks - no hit yet. I like to place books in caches, now I can track 'em! Verrry cool idea - I'm planning a bookcrossing only cache here in San Diego. Read and RELEASE!



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Originally posted by azog:



Yeah, I've been considering a bookcrossing based cache here in town - but I wasn't sure what the general feeling would be. I suppose it is just like any other themed cache, and therefore should be okay - I just know some people get concerned when asked to only take or leave a certain type of item.


The one you linked to there seems well thought out - I like the way he talks about it in the description, making it more than just a box of books. icon_smile.gif


Has anyone seen anything negative said about bookcrossing based caches? I haven't searched, so I don't know if there are many of them yet... just wondering what the overall feeling is in the community about them.



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Hmm... now I have to wonder, what is the best container to use for such a cache? It'd have to be something big, but I'd imagine it'd need to be almost airtight to help keep out the moisture and weather. Of course, ziplock baggies would be used - but I'd still think a good container might be hard to find. I'll probably end up resorting to a medium/large-ish rubbermaid container... not very airtight, but placed in the proper location it should be okay, I guess.



Click the Toe...  and please stop confusing your opinion with fact, ok?
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Yup, I like the pocket books especially, though novel size fits in an ammo box pretty well too.


I also take books I find in caches and turn them into bookcrossing books. I generally email the original owner back too so they can watch their book as well.


Lastly, I always setup a bookcrossing table at our event caches and will soon have a permanent bookcrossing zone in Buffalo, NY.


- Dekaner of Team KKF2A

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I got all excited about bookcrossing in caches.Sadly of the two I put out first, one got lost when the cache fell inside a tree. The second cache was thrown into a river, so I guess the book was spoiled. I lost heart after that and have not placed anymore yet. I still think it's a great idea but will choose the caches more carefully!



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I've registered my first book on bookcrossing.com yesterday. Haven't read the book yet, though. icon_smile.gif


All in all, the idea and execution is great. But I do just want to post a few dislikes about the website, though.

  • 1) Lousy search engine. You can find locations where books are, but if there are several in an area, you have to click each one to find out what it is. Same with the book search. You can find 95 books of the same title, but you have to click on each 'released' book to find out where they are. There is no way to search for a Grisham book in North Texas.

2) Forum is message thread type (old style) as opposed to infopop (which I'm really spoiled by, now). It is completely unsearchable.

3) Common sense seems to be lacking - no well thought out rules and guidelines. Some, but not nearly comprehensive enough for an effort as big as geocaching. I saw 'releases' on airplanes and busses - places that are regularly cleaned and abandoned property warehoused or thrown away. REALLY wasteful.

4) No clear message on how to find a book 'in the wild'. Locations are often simply 'Fowler St." or something at least as ambiguous.

5) Too much a game of 'chance'. The book with the most transactions has only been held by 13 people. Most people have NO finds, just a bunch of hides.

6) Reviews are based on each physical book, not title. Should be a way to tie all like titles in a review. I guess in this sense, it's a lot like a travel bug. Log the book, write about your experience with THAT book.

Now a list of things I DO like about the site:
  • 1) Professionally laid out. Looks like the Barnes & Noble site in color and professionalism.

2) GREAT idea for trading popular books!

3) Totally compatible with Geocaching!

4) Where's George dollars would make great bookmarks, but that'd just really confuse the snot outta the wheresgeorge.com people who are already irked at geocaching. icon_smile.gif

5) Crossing Zones are cool. They're registered places where you can declare a 'safe trading zone'. I think any physical cache could be an official Crossing Zone.

Now then, all that being said, I think that it is a great idea. I plan on releasing all books I read out into the wild. Probably all in geocaches. icon_smile.gif It's just a matter of being conscious about logging your catches and releases accurately. The site can handle responsible people fine. It just also accepts all the mistakes by those lacking in some common sense icon_wink.gif


This review furnished by VF. icon_biggrin.gif



wavey.gif Go! And don't be afraid to get a little wet!


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