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More geocaching in the news

Guest tnunnery
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Guest tnunnery

Thought everyone would like to know that geocaching was in Yahoo! Internet Life magazine in the "talk of the net column" (Jul. 2001, p. 74.) I couldn't find a link to the story online.


It was an interesting read as the article describes geocaching and follows Cache_nInjA around the city. Pretty good coverage and a mention of geocaching.com.


Can Cache_nInjA sue them for defamation of character for the "thrift shop getup" comment? icon_smile.gif

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Guest Ron Streeter

Re: defamation of character for their description of his clothing, I would say.....whoops, forgot I'm not the lawyer in this group. Some of the other guys will no doubt chime in soon.


Now, I did catch C/N in a "lie" though. When I emailed him some months ago he emailed back that he was 78 years old. The article describes him as a "twentysomething." Or maybe it was the mag article that bent the truth. icon_smile.gif






[This message has been edited by Ron Streeter (edited 04 June 2001).]

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Guest Silver

Whoa! Had to back up, reload the page, and check what I thought I saw... icon_smile.gif


Just noticed tnunnery's spelling of Cache_nIinjA... LOL



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Guest tnunnery

I guess this is the correct spelling/capitalization according to the article. The article was going for a very techno-geek/hackeresque vibe. Maybe "C@che_nInjA" would have been even nerdier? I like it!

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