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Is Banner Nanner still there? What does "Archived" mean?

Mark 42

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Belleterre was a great geocacher but got carried away. She decided her marriage was more important than her obsession with geocaching. Fledermaus adopted some of her caches. I am sure it is no longer there and another cache has been put within the .1 mile limit. There are several caches in that forest. Dick, W7WT


Dick, W7WT

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I stand corrected. Looks like there is only three caches in Banner Forest and the nearest is .4 miles away. Lots of room for more caches there. I was one of the first to find it and didn't find it that exciting. One of our best geocachers, HeadLlama has moved to the East coast. He had a lot of great caches including the series of Cemetery Quest caches. Not sure if all of his have been adopted on not. Dick, W7WT


Dick, W7WT

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I know that forest quite well, and have jogged almost (if not) every trail in it.


It's about 800 acres, and there are some areas that are not near any roads.


I'll eventually place some caches there, but first I need to experience finding a few so I will know what a good cache is like. The hare & hound runs ( http://www.half-mind.com/who.htm ) that I do are like that... to be a good hare you have to run a few as a hound (still, some people never get it... they try to be too clever & get the pack of hounds lost).


Matter of fact, I did an impromptu trail through Banner Forest when a hare had to leave town at the last minute before his run. It was either cancel the weekend's run, or have an alternate hare step up... I stepped up, & warned everyone I was not well prepared. They said it'd be better than nothing... that was before I got disoriented in the switchbacks and spent 2 hours winding around in the forest before finding the cars. I ran out of flour and toilet paper (used to mark the trail), and started picking up trash & tearing it into small pieces. Fortunately, the DFL figured it out and picked up the trash as she went.


Anyway, once I learn more, I'll start placing some caches (other places too).


BTW, has anyone laid caches in 50 states yet?


Are unmaintained caches allowable?


Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee

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I went jogging Tuesday, and I saw a pile of feathers (had

been there before, actually).

The next day (yesterday) I found out that I was standing

near one of the caches (there's several) in the forest I

jog through. I had a hunch, and looked around the area a bit

(it looked like a good spot for a cache), but I didn't do an

intensive search since it was a longshot... until I saw the

cache location & clues on the website the following day. Had

I known, I would have spent longer looking for it (also would

have known what to look for).


Here is a link to the details of that cache:



Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee

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Is there anyone here who knows where it was (I don't mean just the coordinates?)


I'm going to try to find it, and if I have no success,

I'd like to get in touch with someone who could either

tell me exactly what to look for, or better yet, meet

me at the parking area and show me where it is...

or just go with me and help me as necessary, (with hints & guidance).


Or, if someone could just verify that it is still there,

I'll try to contact the former owner of the cache

and see about adopting it (or re-creating it if she agrees).


I intend to do a theme of several caches in Banner forest,

and "Banner Nanner" will be the first in that theme,

if I can make the arrangements to use it.


So, if you can either...

Verify it's still there,

or help me find it if I fail on my own,

Let me know (here or by email to M_Kanzler@yahoo.com)




Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee

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You have 3 finds and 60 posts to the forums? Get off the computer and go find some caches! There are plenty in your area. I do not want to sound harsh, but you need to find more to know the difference between the good and the lame. Go to Howe Farm, just up the road, or Pentergast Park in Bremerton, or any Fledermaus cache. I found Banner Nanner, but that was probably over a year ago. The sats were terrible, cache was in a stump, I think? Good Luck with your project. DubyaDee icon_smile.gif

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BTW, has anyone laid caches in 50 states yet?


Are unmaintained caches allowable?


CCCoperagency is well on the way to placing caches in all 50 states, but they enlist local geocachers to maintain them for them.


Unmaintained "vacation" caches aren't allowed howwever.


"Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll sit in a boat and drink beer all day" - Dave Barry

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Originally posted by DubyaDee:

I do not want to sound harsh, but you need to find more to know the difference between the good and the lame.


I didn't say any were good or lame.

I didn't say I even looked for Banner Nanner yet.

I don't get my new GPS until tonight, and with my old Garmin GPS38, there's not much point in looking for caches that I can't find by just the description. My area has trees everywhere, and the GPS38 won't work in even moderate tree cover.


I was out there last night... tried to see if I could find Sign of Peace in Banner Forest, but the first time I went to the marsh area my wife & kids had the GPS. It's got enough of an open shot to the sky to get a reading. Then, (after I'd finished jogging) when I met up with my family (and the Mangy Dog who abandoned me on the run!) we were unable to find our way back to the marsh area, and aborted the attempt because it was getting late and it was pouring rain.


All I want to know is... is Banner Nanner there.

If so, I will attempt to find it, refurbish it, adopt it and get it unarchived.


It'd be nice to know if it's still there. If it is, I will be less inclined to give up the search if I don't find it.


Keep in mind, I only started Geocaching last Friday! I have 3 finds, and 2 aborted attempts because i have zero GPS capability in even the slightest tree cover (another geocacher told me he was amazed I could find anything with my old tech GPS).


After UPS arrives tonight, I won't have that excuse anymore.


Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee


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