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What will geocaching be like in 10 years

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Originally posted by Mr. Snazz:

Geocaching will be outlawed, and only outlaws will hunt geocaches!


Cache locations will be shared on secret message boards and IRC (yes, it will still be around).


Groundspeak will sell some sort of talking shoes....




-Lets play global Thermonuclear war-

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GPS locations will be sited to within 1 foot, making the hunt much different. In this case caches will be understood to be located within 20 feet of the GPS long/lat location.


All Trade Junk will be limited to signature and travel items.


National Parks will embrace Caching with Preapproved Caches in "Safe Locations".

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Originally posted by USAF_Park:

The receiver won't be connect. They already have GPSr's in watches that use a small receiver, the size of a pager, that sends an FM signal to the wrist band.


The OEM's are already way smaller than pagers! Check these antennas out! I was going to order one and do some modifications to my Nextel, but I figured by the time I get it working, I'll need a new phone, and all the new ones will have GPS in them already.


Sidenote: It was actually a FCC requirement for 95% cellphones to be able to broadcast their positions to the E-911 network by last year, to at least 100 meter accuracy...this didn't happen, but it's coming! Unfortunately, many carriers have opted to used a triangulation method of calculating location based on signal strength to their towers instead of GPS-enabled cellphones, however, several carriers are offering them, and it's only a matter of time before the signal repeater stations that are set up in larger buildings are required for all bad-signal areas...meaning your GPSr could work indoors too....Don't take my word for it: CED E-911 Article

Of course, I'd still like to see all broadcasts in HDTV before we tackle the E-911 fiasco.



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Maybe not in ten years (this may take 11 or 12 icon_wink.gif)


GPSr's being in everything and the entire world linked up with virtual realtime data on everything, You will navigate to the nearest available un-occupied parking space via the GPSr in your car. You will then proceed to the cache following the virtual reality display on your handheld/wrist mounted/HUD device (depending on personal preference). Upon reacing the cache you will not need to post your find or pictures of your hunt since this will have been done automatically for you, and people watching this cache will have been watching your hunt ever since you got within the proscribed distance from the cache.


$1000 Bill geocaching is living in a 30 foot circle

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Coordinates will no longer exist. The entire world will have designated waypoints and they ALL will be preprogramed into all GPS's. The world will be mapped out in a three foot grid, every intersection will have a waypoint desination. Therefore you will be able to get within 18 +/- inches of your cache. Accuracy will be to within one/one thousandth of an inch. GPS's will also work indoors and under anything and will be solar powered with a capacity to store power for two weeks before going to battery back-up. When on battery back-up the batterys will last a month under continuous use.


What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?

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It will be much like it is today, except there will be a tax on each find, a signal use fee, a law about not using GPSrs while driving, a law outlawing caches in the city limits, a "GPSr for the needy" program by the libs (Michael Savage will love that one), and some lame reality tv show about celebrity extreme caching.



"I've never been lost, but I was a might bewildered for three days once." - Daniel Boone

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Back to dowser sticks! Didn't Einstein say something like "We are not sure what they will fight World War III with, but surely World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones!" icon_wink.gif




"See the wonderous works of Providence! The uncertainty of human things!" Geo.Washington

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