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Digital camera recommendations?

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We have a 4 yr old Kodak DC210 which they don't make anymore.


Prices have dropped considerably from 4 yrs ago as have they improved. Ours does a fine job, but the newer ones have better features and some take better pics.


My recommendation is to first select a budget. Then look at everyone in that price range. I would go with one that offers the greatest megapixel (resolution) and better warranty. Things can happen to them like any other electronic gadget. I would stick with a well known brand that is know for their quality product as well as quality service.


There are also different formats in which store the pictures. There are different type of media cards as well as those that take 3.5" floppies. Ours takes the smartmedia cards. WE have 3 cards: 8MB, 15MB and 16MB. The 2 larger ones can take and hold about 40-50 pics each easily. Not sure of the floppies ability, but seeing that they are only 1.44MB, I would assume a somewhat lesser amount. But I do know that the smartmedia cards boast up to 1,000,000 pics. I don't think you will get that much out of floppies. I know from experience that floppies break down. Of course they are good for storage purposes. Cards cost more, but are not too expensive. Our camera had a cord that connected to the computer, but it took a long time to download the pics. I bought a card reader at Walmart for about 30-40 bucks that reads 2 different cards. It reads the one for the camera and the ones that fit in my sons and wife's MP3 players. You put the card in the reader and it acts like an external drive and is very fast.




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You might try this...


Recently while I was in Circuit City I wandered by the digital cameras (as I always do) to see if they had one that my wife would like. I noticed a tiny Sony (about 1 inch by 3 inches). I thought it would be perfect for her (and me when she wasn't using it). It was a CyberShot U -- 2 megapixels. It was an "open box special" priced at $169. Not a bad price since the camera retails for $269, but more than I wanted to pay.


I asked the guy behind the counter if they would take $149, figuring we'd settle at about $159. He said he couldn't do that but he could get a manager if I'd like. Sure, get the manager.


The manager came over, didn't even look at me, grabbed the ticket from the camera, walked over to the computer, and said "How about $119".


I was floored! It's in perfect shape and my wife loves it. It even came with NiMH batteries and a recharger (plus all necessary cables, etc.).


So, my suggestion is to check out the open box specials at Circuit City and make an offer.



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It can be a tough choice but it honestly depends on how you'll end up using the camera. If you are just doing snapshot photos of scenery then you'll be in for a treat with just about any of 3 megapixel cameras out there today. The "low end" of the digital cameras is coming up rapidly ... not only in terms of megapixels but also in other important areas such as reflex of the shutter (notoriously bad in the low end).


So, think about how you'll use the camera and list out the features that are important to you. For instance, how much zoon do you need (don't even waste time comparing digital zoom stats, the optical zoom is really all that matters), do you want to take action photos (a low shutter lag will be important)? Do you want to use standard 35mm lenses? Then start doing some research and test them out. Many cameras that are feature comporable will produce very different results.


Originally posted by geomaineiacs:

I have realized that a digital camera would really enhance the geocaching experience. Its cool to see all the pictures people post. Any suggestions on what to get? Let me know why exactly you like it. Thanks.





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I got my Canon Powershot A40 back in January. It's a 2 megapixel model that also does video with audio.


I did a fair amount of online research before buying one and the general consensus among the opinions I read was that it was the best camera you could get for under $300.


One of the features it has which is especially nice for the scenic views we often see while geocaching is a panoramic assist mode. It helps to line up photos so they can be easily "stitched" together using software provided with the camera.


It's got an "auto" mode (point and shoot), as well as the ability to manually set the aperture, "film" speed (AS400, 800, etc), and other things that I know nothing about, so if you're a camera nut that needs the control that a standard 35mm gives you, you can still keep that control, for the most part.


It has the ability to add external lenses, although from what I remember, the selection of available lenses isn't that wide.


It uses Compact Flash memory cards. It comes with an 8mb card, which is enough to get you started, but if you want any real capacity you'll need a bigger one. I bought a 128mb card and it held a week's worth of pictures when I went on vacation. It'll take up to a 512mb card.


It seems fairly sturdy. I haven't dropped it from a standing position to the floor, but I've dropped it about a foot onto a table or desk a few times. I also read about people dropping theirs while walking/hiking and not having any problems with it afterwords.


It takes AA batteries, so (most likely) you can use the same set of rechargables that you use with your GPS (you might need to get a few more - the camera takes 4 of them).


I just checked the website and it looks like this model has been obsoleted. That means you can find them cheaper in retail stores (on close-out) or on eBay. [icon_smile.gif]


Sample images:






What don't I like about it? Like some other people, I think the flash is too hot, particularly on close-ups. Also, sometimes the colors seem a little TOO vibrant. I don't know if that's the fault of the camera or my software/monitor. Other than that, I'm a very happy camper. Unless something comes out that REALLY wows me and doesn't cost a fortune, I won't be upgrading for a long time.





Random quote:


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I have a 2.2 meg Koday DX3500 digital cam that sells now for about $150. Used with a 64 meg Compact Flash card, it allows me to take up to 300 pictures, more than enough to edit through while downloading to my computer through the easy plug-in JumpShot cable.


Very simple to use, with options showing on the screen on the back.

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I had a FD-91 that was stolen. It was bulky but a great camera with a 12X zoom and used 3.5 disks.


Since the disks are getting harder to come by, I am looking at a Sony DSC-S85 which came highly recommended by a friend. You can find lots of info as well as good prices at Steve's Digicam. Another advantage is it uses the Sony memory sticks which are practicly becoming giveaways and are compatible with other Sony devices, however it does come with a cable to hook directly to your computer as well.


It is a little pricey, but can also be had for a decent discount on eBay.

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I use a two year old Fuji FinePix 2600. It work great and I have never had a problem. The new model is 2650 and uses a SD card. Staples has for $180. The 2600 uses a SmartMedia card.


If I was buying today I would get something with a SD card, they are cheaper. You can get a 256MB card for about $70 to $90. SmartMedia cards stops at 128MB.

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Definitely think about how you want to use the camera. As hammack stated, you are limited to images that are 100 kb to upload to the geocaching.com site.


I purchased an Olympus D-380 for $120 earlier this year (through e-Bay). It is a 2 MB camera, but I usually use the lowest quality setting for geocaching. Even then, I have to make the images a bit smaller to upload them. I figure that if I drop the camera while I am geocaching, I'm only out $120. Not sure I would want to carry around an expensive camera.


If you think you will be using the camera for more than just geocaching, or you want to take some nice scenery shots of the places you visit, and plan to print them out, then by all means go for a higher quality camera.




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I havent bought one yet, but I've been doing a lot of research and pretty much settled on either the Canon A70, or Nikon Coolpix 3100. I'm leaning towares the Canon because it has manual overrides, so you can set your own shutter speed, or aperature. This was pretty important to me and the Canon is the only camera I've seen with this feature in its price range.


They both use standard AA batteries, which was another key to my decision. I don't want to be going through $12 camera batteries every few days. And of course the AA batteries are widely available.


Compact size was also important and both are quite small and I wanted at least a 3X optical zoom and 3 megapix, which both have.


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Even though the geocaching website only allows 100k right now, don't let that be a determining factor. It was mentioned by Jeremy in one of the threads that they are going to be changing that. The upload amount was going to be several MB's. Also you can resize the photo and drop the file size down with many graphic programs. Some cameras come with software that will let you do it and there are free ones on the internet that will let you do it as well. This is, if you think there is a possibility that you will use the camera for other things as well.

Edit: I think it all readlly depends on how much you want to spend actually and then go from there.




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I recently purchased my first digital camera, the Canon Powershot A70 BrianSnat mentioned above. I'm very happy with it so far. I got it after reading a bunch of very positive reviews on various websites. Seems to have a lot of features for the money. The biggest problem was actually getting it - it is in very high demand and/or low supply right now so a lot of stores are out of stock.


If anyone's interested, I have some pictures at


These pictures are reduced size/quality for the website, but they give you an idea.


Also, a good website to watch for digital camera (and other) deals is http://www.headlinedeals.com


Hope this helps!

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I have a new Pentax Optio S.

It is a sweet camera.



I have had it 15 days already and have seen it wipe out the SD memory card a few times! Before I removed it, I was sure that the data was fully written and I even previewed the images. I powered the unit off, and then put it into my card reader. I am sure it is not the card reader, because I have seen this happen when I put the card back into the camera to view the images (without ever putting it into my card reader). It may be the SD card.



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I just entered the digital camera world for an AWESOME price icon_smile.gif Target is currently clearancing a photo "suite" package. I got the HP 320 camera AND the HP 55550 printer for $139! Target sells the camera alone for $150! Oh and it comes with USB cables for the camera AND printer! Oh and ink for the printer too!


It's a 2.1 MP. I've got a really nice SLR and to get the picture I get out of that in the digital world it would cost me too much. I was looking for something that would take decent shots for ebay and web posting.


The only downfall so far is it's lcaking an optical zoom. But again...not really needed for what I want.

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Originally posted by Michael Whitt:

I personally use a FujiFilm 2650 which I really love. You can see photos taken by it on http://www.michaelwhitt.com. Also if FujiFilm Finepix 1300 series is nice for low end.


Hey Michael...we have a 2650 also..but I seem to have a problem with indoor flash shots..they turn out too dark. Is it the settings or what?? Any suggestions would be helpful. Outside is great, just inside with a flash is a problem...


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I have a Sony F717. It takes incredible pictures, is intuitive to use and can easily grow with you as you explore photography. It also has a very good battery that is typically good enough for a weekend of backpacking and tons of pictures.


There are a ton of great cameras out there, and something like the f717 certainly isn't for everyone due to its size. I'd check out dpreview.com, imaging resource, digital camera resource and steve's digicams if you want to drive yourself crazy with options.

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What I would really like to know is, of the people out there that use digital cameras, how many of you subject them to punishment beyond a day hike or a easy going road trip?


I own a low end Fuji FinePix 1300. It was a free throw in with a WindowsXP purchase. It's fine for what I want to be taking on hiking and packing trips (though extended backpacking concerns me). That said, I would really like to bring something along with me when out on the ATV or driving that 4WD road.


While my camera isn't the nicest one around, it still would cost money to replace. I'm very hesitant to bring it along in those cases due to the VERY ROUGH RIDE and vibration associated with those activities.


Has anyone had experience in these areas and, if so, what have you used and how has it held up?

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Hey Tikiroy,


Inside or night photos on the 2650 are certainly it's weak spot. I don't particular care for the photos taken with the flash. To me they are a little whited out, but I have noticed this on a number of Digicams. I have my settings to factory default.


The only two problems I run into besides the nighttime issue is 1) The Lens cover, I don't like the fact that you have to slide it back until it clicks, and then press it back even farther to make it click again. 2) The placement of of the battery/xD cover is too easy to accidently open with your thumb while attempting to take a photo.


All of this said, I think the camera is great for outdoors photos. I do think the (WebCam) option is a joke because without the flash the photos are hopelessly dark, my QuickCam Pro 4000 is 100% better as far as a webcam (of course it is dedicated to that).


Sorry going on a rant. Back to your orginal question, I have the opposite issue, I feel like the flash turns my images out a little too bright. I will double check my settings and let you know, but I am pretty sure I have factory settings still.


NeuroNomad & Sublondes Page


Originally posted by Tikiroy:

Originally posted by Michael Whitt:

I personally use a FujiFilm 2650 which I really love. You can see photos taken by it on http://www.michaelwhitt.com. Also if FujiFilm Finepix 1300 series is nice for low end.


Hey Michael...we have a 2650 also..but I seem to have a problem with indoor flash shots..they turn out too dark. Is it the settings or what?? Any suggestions would be helpful. Outside is great, just inside with a flash is a problem...


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Are you driving yourself crazy yet?


OK here's a few tidbits that should help get you there. icon_wink.gif


Size: Small is nice with caching and for other uses. My Canon 230 stays on my belt at work and afterwards; while it's a 3M pixel 2x zoom, its offspring, the 400 has 4 megs and 3x zoom. Same size though.


There are cameras that take AA batteries whcih is kinda nice if you're geocaching and the bats go dead. No charger necessary but these cameras tend to be heavier.


Flash on digitals tend to be a lot smaller outputs than the "old" 35mm so people look dark oif they're more than 8 feet away. Play with the ISO speed might help. Also, due to the flash location, "red-eye" is more of a problem with digitals then 35mm. However, there're manya PC programs that allow you to remove it.


Nuts yet?


Let's see, cost?...memory size?...memory type?...software?... icon_eek.gif



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Might as well reply, since I've probably posted 1000 cache pictures. My photos are either 105+ mm zooms or macro.


My back up camera (daughter's cam) is a Canon A40 2 MP. Muy bueno for the GC website. I like the protective leaf door on the zoom; much better than the cap on a leash on my Oly 3030 3 MP. Zoom motor is faster, too. Lithium battery life is very good, about as good as the Oly.


Media: Compact is probably better than Smart in the reader. I find 64 Megs holds 3-4 days for me, at a ~1 Mb/pix setting. Dunno prices, but I'd tend to carry two 64's rather than one 128.

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We've got a Intel C-630 PC Webcam/Digital camera. Internal mem holds about 8 Meg, 300+ 640x480 shots.


USB connection.


$40.00 at Sam's club. I take it every where.


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I love my Sony Cybershot. I liked it so much that when my daughter dropped the old camera in the river icon_mad.gif , I went out and got another one.


I like the memory sticks, and also got a Sony Clie PDA so I could use the memory in both.


With the 256MB Memory Stick which can be had for less than $100, I can store more pictures than I can even think of taking. (Several THOUSAND!).



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I got a Minolta Dimage SLR digital. Takes amazing pictures. My pals can't believe my enlargements are digital. An SLR will help you take more professional shots.


Too bad we can't upload high megapixels onto logs. I have to reduce my pics down so much to upload, as I take pics at the highest resolution.

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