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Palm based units can use Watcher and Plucker for Pocket PC there's GPXVIEW. There are others I'm sure I haven't covered.


For more info do a search of the forums. I think there should be a handheld forum myself.


Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore

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I have a Palm 130 and love it. It is great to go Geocaching with no paper, and I really like the brightness of the color screen. Here are two great utilities that seem to be a little more stable than Mobipocket. Read through both topics since the final updates and such are toward the bottom.


GPX2HTML by fizzymagic


Spinner by LilDevil


I like both but use GPX2HTML more since it runs directly on your computer.

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I have a Palm 125, which is the same as the 130, but no color and it works great with geoclippings. You just have to make sure that you are clipping from Internet Explorer. Team Bullivant and I had some problems at first. We were trying to clip from Earthlink Browser which is supposed to be Explorer based and it didn't work.


You also need to get the hint decoder. You just copy the hint. Go to the hint decoder. Paste it and decode it. Much easier than carrying around all those papers and decoding the hints in the car.

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Sorry, but I forgot to mention that you do have to be a charter member and then you do need to run a pocket query and output a GPX file to use the two programs linked above. The GPX file will have all of the information on the cache page. You run the GPX file through one of the programs listed above and then you can load hundreds of caches on you Palm at one time. I carry around 400 GA caches with me all the time; all the caches I have not found yet. If I go out of town I run a pocket query for the area around my hotel and get about 100 caches. Then I convert the GPX file and load the caches to the Palm. I also put the waypoints on the GPS and as I drive past a waypoint I pull the description up on the Palm and go get it!! Both of the programs above have a link on the PDA page that has the hint decoded for you already if you need to refer to it.

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