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Is it just me or are there..

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alot of newbies wanting to know "how deep are these things usally buried?".


How is this happening? What is bringing people to geocaching then making them believe that caches are "buried"?? Is this what the media is reporting about this "sport"? Or do people just immeditly assume hidden box means "buried"?


I never even consider this concept tell after I started reading the forums and then was questioning why would you bury one. They are hard enought to find when they are under leaves and in tree stumps.


so is this a trend or am I just over anlyzing.



"Big Dog"

-Clan Ferguson

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i think some of them are confused by the media sayings its "modern treasure hunting", so the newbies get a gps and want to dig up some "buried treasure". Also arent all the treasure hunting movies about digging up the gold, or whatever was hidden?



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