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Guest Soup

Date ruined by geocacher?

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Guest Soup

Yesterday was my most interesting cache hunt to date...


Upon reaching the final destination, it was late and nobody else was at the park. I proceeded to the coordinates down this hidden trail. I searched for about 20 minutes but no luck.


I then notice a couple coming down the secret path. I am thinking Great! other geocachers!! They will help me!. They went behind a tree, where I thought they were searching. After 10 minutes, I figured I would see if they found it. NOPE!! Instead they were making out and undressing each other!!! They had NO idea I was there!


I INSTANTLY started making noise, and walked out of there. They were startled to say the least! I had to walk right NEXT to them to get back to the car. I couldnt help cracking up!


They probably thought they were all alone, and here comes this crazy guy from the bushes, sticks and twigs in his hair, GPS in one hand, branch in the other. The image probably ruined the mood.


Today I found it. No lusty people. Of course I made more noise on this hunt. -S


Anybody else have bizzare hunt stories?

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Guest Havasu Desert Rat

You might find one or two here.

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Guest fractal

I just think that story is way too funny!

I hope you logged something about it in the logbook...

Glad you had a good time! heheheh




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Guest Pat in Louisiana

What... No camera?


sorry I forgot this isn't the voyeurism forum



Pat in Louisiana


"I just want to live happily ever after every now and then"

Jimmy Buffet


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