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We live in the village of Traenheim (pronounced "Train-highm") in France, near the German border.


I started with the idea of "Team Traenheim", but that sounds more appropriate for a "metropolitan" sized town, that somebody's heard of.


Then I noted that the English word "Team", when used (unchanged) in Dutch, German, and the Alsatian dialect, is neuter in gender, which in German and Alsatian means it's "das Team", and would be abbreviated by many speakers to " 's Team ".


Running the whole lot together gives "sTeamTraen"... coming to a cache near you at high speed (wooooooooo-hooooooooo goes the whistle !).

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Well, mine’s not exactly exciting but I’ll play anyway. “Subterranean” was chosen for a few reasons.


1) I’m working on a minor in Geology.


2) I’m from the “Badger State.” (By the way, Wisconsin’s nickname comes from its strong mining heritage, not because the animal is found there. Miners were called " badgers." You didn’t know that, didja?? :lol: )


3) Another definition of the word fits, also; geocaching is an activity that is often carried on in kind of a secretive way, no???


4) Sometimes I cache alone, while at other times I cache with a teammate and we log together. Using an adjective such as “subterranean,” it’s impossible for one to know whether we’re a team or an individual… we’re both!


Now you can sleep soundly knowing. <_<




Edit: Okay, okay... maybe a couple of those reasons are pretty weak but numbers one and three are valid, right?? :P

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Black Mage is my favorite character from one of my favorite web comics, 8-Bit Theater.


He's a member of the Light Warriors, a group of "heros" who have been choosen by fate to defeat the evil of Chaos and save the world. He is not, however, a very heroic hero, he's really more of the maniacal villian-type "person" who has been thrust into this role but constantly tries to do-away with his partners on a constant basis. All the while trying to hit-on the beautiful White Mage, but of course she will have nothing to do with him becuase, you know, he's evil and all.


Not that this applys to me, of course. ^_^;

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my other name was golanv (still here just don't use it anymore...)

golanv = raven in cherokee


norbu = jewel in tibetan...just an impulsive, quick choice. easy to pronounce, non-offensive, blah blah blah.

I use Bumo_nâm which means Sky Girl in tibetan.


I would sometimes just rather go by one of my real names, jen or jif

(yeah, my mom gave me the name jiffi, shortened to jif....imagine my hell as a child, but I still like it, just don't use it now much.)


wow that was a boring post. sorry.


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We came home from a particularly trying day at work (after several other equally trying days in a row). We were stressed out and cranky and crabby. The phone rang and we didn't answer it -- we just sort of muttered "Leave us alone!" at it.


That night I changed our geocaching name to the hermit crabs, because it just seemed to fit.


(Now, even when we're in much pleasanter moods, the "hermit" part is still quite appropriate.)

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My wife and I find most of our caches together. So we wanted a TeamXXX name. My first name begins with "J", hers with "F". We thought of TeamJF first. I noticed that we were pronouncing it as "TeamJif". Adding the "fy" to make "TeamJiffy" just struck us better sounding than "TeamJif", so there we go.


One of us (I don't remember who) noticed that the two syllables of Jiffy are Jif and Fy. If Fy is pronounced with a long i, to rhyme with "eye", then Jif sounds like a boy's nickname, and Fy sounds like a girl's. So, in logs/posts I'm called "Jif" and she is called "Fy". (Although the "team" name is still pronounced to rhyme with "fee".)



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I'm an aircraft mechanic by profession and passion. A couple months before our daughter was Born (she is the one I was speaking to in the story as if she was about 5 or 6 in that sweet innocent age) I wrote a story expressing my passion for aircraft maintenance and what bI feel the true heart of an aircraft mechanic should be. The story was submitted to a national aircraft maintenance magazine and it got published with the hope that it would help other mechanics share their passion for aircraft maintenance.


Using the name seemed to be a perfect fit. I plan on making an avatar with two open hands together with an aircraft held in it. I have started leaving a copy of the mechanics hands story as kind of a signature to all the caches I visit.


The story is included below.




The Mechanics Hands


I was holding my little girl in my arms one day when she looked at my rough scarred hands. She ran her silky smooth hands over them. Lookin up at me, she asked in her sweet innocent voice, "Daddy, why are your hands so rough? Why do they look like that?" I smiled back at her and said, "Jordan, each of these scars tell a story of a passion and committment your daddy has. They tell a story of a love and fascination. A story of heartache and disapointment. A story of triumph and joy. A story of pride and comittment to excellence. A story of fear of making a mistake. A story of needing absolute perfection every time these hands are used. You see Jordan, your daddy is an airplane mechanic. Every day I use these hands, people are trusting me with their lives. They are trusting the skill and judgement that comes with these hands. They are trusting that with each scar has come more skill and perfection."


Then she took a long look at my hands, then looked at an airplane nearby. She asked, "did you work on that airplane daddy?" I replied, "yes I did baby." "then I feel safe and I trust you daddy," she said. I held her closer, not able to hold back the tears. Then as I watched her walk onto the airplane, tears still in my eyes, I could not help but look at my scarred rough hands. I could not help but look back through the years and remember all the joy and pain, the cold and rain, the heat and sweat, the blood and tears, the fond memories and the bittersweet ones. I could not help but realize that at that very moment, it was all worth it.

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My original geocaching name was TheREALBug, because I have a New Beetle. However, SBUX seemed much more appropriate since I am more than obsessed with Starbucks Coffee (ask anyone who really knows me and they'll confirm this). :D SBUX is the New York Stock Exchange symbol for Starbucks. :D

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Great story Mechanics Hands!! B)


Let's see, mine is a combo of things...


Sunshine because of my bright and cheery dispositon (HAH!), just call me PollyAnna! :) And also b/c I love Sunflowers.


Snuz, is a play on my first name that I got back in HighSchool b/c I was always 'Snoozin' in class. It kinda just carried with me for different reasons, mostly b/c I'm kinda laid back about things... In an intense sort of way. :)

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I got mine from my brother. My brother is in college and lives in a house with 4 other guys. Well one of the guys cooked some chicken and didn't like it so he threw it out in the back yard. A possum came and ate the chicken. So this guy kept throwing out bad food in the back yard and the possum kept coming back. So one night my brother took a picture of the possum on their back deck. He decided to call it Gary. At the time there was an election coming up in town for mayor. So my brother made up a campaign poster to elect Gary the Possum for mayor. We printed out one of the posters and put it in a cache. The idea of "Gary the Possum" seemed funny at the time and the screen name I originally had was boring so I changed it to Gary the Possum.

After my dad saw the poster, he came up with the slogan, "Don't get run over by big politicians, Vote Gary the Possum for Mayor!"

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Shortly after the 9/11 tragedy I was registering for a web site and it asked me to create a screen name. I just picked Hysteria out of the air. Wasn't much thought put into it and haven't seen much of a reason to change it.

Too bad you are in MI and not MA. Then you could have been Mass Hysteria. :)


Mine comes from my wife's favorite mystery detective-Lord Peter Wimsey of the Dorothy Sayers series. It is also the name of our second (of four :) cats, the only one who pays me any attention).

It also kinda fits my personality; I'm easily amused and entertained.

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My given name is Jesus; in latin america Chuy is a common nickname for Jesus. When people ask me for the connection, I respond, "how do you get Dick out of William", or Chuck out of Charles?, or Bill out of William?" I'm sure someone has some answers.

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I recently changed my user name to "MrSmiles" because I had been using little smiley face stickers with all my log sigs...besides, my former name, "Thicketfella" was hard to write on small logs and with my fat, stubby fingers. Also I forgot how to spell it a few times :P


Mr Smiles

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It's an old college nickname I use for pretty much anything that requires a name on-line...the nickname stuck with me and a lot of people still use it...or it's shortened version "Six"


It is un-original...and is basically my height...I am 6'10"



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When we (wife and I) were introduced to caching, I wanted some name that tied in with my totem animal and obsession; Polar Bears.


Paranosmia being what it is, Bear_Left was quickly chosen...


We quickly became Mama Bear_Left and Papa Bear_Left (PBL on the local NZ forums, often as not) and the kids became Baby Bear and Babiest Bear on the occasions when they join us on a cache-hunt.


I try to have some sort of polar bear related picture as a background to all our caches, as well as on the logbook cover. This sometimes takes longer than the rest of the cache!





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Way back in my long forgotten youth I was an over the road driver of the big rigs.


When I needed a new handle on the CB radio I thought of my favorite tv shows, Monty Python's Flying Circus. One of the skits that they did was about the village idiots, who when the quote normal unquote people were around they would act like a village idiot. But when they were alone with other village idiots they would be talking about physics, classical music and other long hair things.


When someone thought that I was a dumb a** truck driver, I wouldn't try to change their opinions. I wasn't your normal driver, I didn't like country music, cowboy boots and I didn't drink coffee.

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Marmetion and Willy :D , kinda simple, I think :D , in the late 60's global talk was of the moon landing, (along with Nam), and as people are called after the place the come from with the "ER" attached such as New Yorker, Chesapeaker, East Banker, ect...., the name Marmeter :D came along, but it did not fit the space race of the time, so one of our happy little comunity came up with Marmetion :) , so if you came from Marmet (the only town with this name) :D , you had to be a Marmetion, With that and my "spaced out condition" :D of the 70's and 80's, it was easy to be a little "alien" :D to the rest of the community, As such "Marmetion, your friendly neighborhood alien" was born. As for the avatar, what other alien is always seen with his dog? In my case, Willy the Weiner :D , my faithful sidekick. But with my past and my present position clashing, I must keep my identity secret :D , so don't tell nobody

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The first name I used here was scienceteacher&fam... :)

then we decided that I would not teach any longer and I needed a new name. :D Was irritated by some of the smuttier things that can (and do) happen when people get online .... :D

Decided to focus on the blessings that I have (great husband and kids).... :D

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Pyewacket...the witch's familiar from the 1958 movie "Bell, Book and Candle", starring Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart.


1. I like old movies.

2. I read Tarot cards and tea leaves.

3. My real name sounds like an entrée on a Chinese menu.

4. It can be abbreviated to "Pye" very easily, which is good in chat rooms.

5. The supererogatory number of golf balls in this environment prevents me from using my real name.

6. It just sounds funny when you say it...

7. The name Pyewacket fits me to a Tee. :D

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Pork King...this has been my screenname since I got the internet. It is my name in all the games I play, too. I just wanted something original, and a little witty.

Pork King does a good job of describing my want for power and pig flesh (I especially love pork tenderlion wrapped in bacon...mmmmmmm).

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Well, I'm Pipanella all over cyberspace. It's in honor of our two parakeets we used to have, Pip and Ella. To make a long story short, I thought our youngest daughter was saying Pip and Ella when I asked her for suggestions for names for the two birds, and she was saying Pipanella. Shortly before we got online, they both had died, so I chose the name Pipanella, since every other name I tried to use was already taken.

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O.K. I'll bite - albeit all the way down here on page uh... goodness 9!.


Like "WorldTraveler", I too am a wanderlust. Have specialized in travel to Belize and Costa Rica since - well since (nearly 20 years ago) when nobody had even HEARD of Belize.


Just returned from 6 weeks in South Africa and set up a travelogue at travelpod.com so I could upload pics and journal to friends back home along the way. (I am SOOOOOO bummed that I didn't discover geocaching til I returned - come to find out there was a cache at one of the beaches I stayed at in Mozambique, and several in Cape Town - dang!) Needed an apt username for the travelogue, so... "globalgirl" was born.

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I have three nicks that I use for various reasons. Gliderguy requires the least description, it is my other hobby and the first reason I ever bought a GPS:


SSA- Soaring Society of America


Sometimes I use Gliderguy3 if Gliderguy isn't available.


Obviously I like flight. One of my other nicknames I use in combat flight sim games is "Vertigo." Imagine it said with a thick German accent (VER did hi GO?) :anibad:


My latest nick needs the longest story:


My wife and I both own motorcycles. Hers has a customized plate that says "DUHHHH" surrounded by a license plate frame that says "all dumbs aren't blonde."


I have put in for a matching plate "DUH ME" I have used "DUH ME" as a name on a few online IQ tests. You get the intended effect of the name if you can get a little bit of valley girl twang into saying it.


I was valedictorian way back in my high school days, and I remember thinking even in grade school that I got dumber every year. I feel like a dummy now. :wacko:

Edited by Gliderguy
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(I am SOOOOOO bummed that I didn't discover geocaching til I returned - come to find out there was a cache at one of the beaches I stayed at in Mozambique, and several in Cape Town - dang!)

I feel your pain. I was in Ecuador last September, and there were several caches where I was. One was at La Mitad del Mundo (literally, "the middle of the world"), at the equator monument, and yep, I was right there. :(

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Been driving Land Rovers for 30+ years. One day I needed to set up an email account, other than my main one, to use at some site that required registration. This was the first one, related to my addiction, that wasn't taken. Plus, I'll probably keep on Rovering on as long as I can drive.

Sorry, nothing mystical, whimisical or particularly original.

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If you scroll back to the beginning of this thread, you will find an AuntyWeasel. I was astonished to see the name on the forums, a month or two after I had registered Auntie. What're the odds? Since she was here first, I emailed and offered to give it up, but she was gracious about it (whew! I had a rubber stamp and everything by then). We're on opposite coasts, so anybody spoiling for a weaselfight will be disappointed.


As to how I came by the name...I...don't remember. I've had dozens of names on dozens of forums, but I began using this one building my own website, and it has stuck rather hard.

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Gee.... ours is an obvious one. The four of us, (Myself, Husband and two Daughters), we live in the mountains. Hhhmm, I guess I like anything with pirates and geocaching always makes me think of finding some great treasure. I am working on plans for our first cache with a great Treasure Chest made of copper! So, we are the 4 Mountain Pirates.


P.S. Someday I will figure out how to make my own Avatar, which will be a skull and crossbones with a halo.

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I love dark rums, and I have (almost) always a bottle of Captain Morgan Black Label at home. I've used this nick already before geocaching. So it was an obvious choice. And it fits well for geocaching, as pirates are know to hide treasures. B) But...


But now I have a small identity problem. B) I happened to get a bottle of 12 years old Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum and it's several times better than Captain Morgan Black Label. So, to be a Cruzan or Captain Morgan?


Well, I think I'll choose Captain Morgan anyway...

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