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:D Our is Ticker & Hip..

Why :

Ticker had "Heart Problems"... Had Operation and has had Stents Fitted

Hip had "Hip Problems" : Had Operation and Now has New Hip


(Ticker = Mick)

(Hip = Sue)


simple... well it seemed so at the time...

Makes perfect sense to me! :D

It would!!! :o

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When my wife and I first learned about geocaching, we thought we were going to get one of those hairy trolls - http://www.freetrolls.com/tr.gif (I thought they were pixies, but hey.. what do I know?...) as a tracking bug item. So when I created our account I had that in mind.


Well, we never did use that troll thing. Our signature items are gem magnets so there really is *nothing* that has to do with pixies, but the name stuck anyhow.


Odd, huh?

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Picture it: A rugby pitch in Athens, GA. The prestigious College Rugby All-Star round robin. The final match of the day Deep South All-Stars vs. All-Arkansas team. A penalty against my team(Deep-South) giving the ball to Arkansas on our 22 meter line. The ball is tapped into play and given to the biggest player on the Arkansas team (roughly 6'3 260-70) to punch in the score. (Similar to fullback handoff for us Americans) I (6'1 225 lbs.) hit him square in the chest with shoulder, taking him off his feet and flat on his back with the ball going straight up in the air. Someone yells "That guy is an OX!" My name was instantly changed to Matt "The Ox" Davis.

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In 1990, my husband and I got the chance to hike the Appalachian Trail as a thru-hike. We didn't know about trailnames and were struggling with some nickname that we would like (as one of the hikers who was allergic to peanut butter, which is a hiking staple, was called "The Nutless Wonder" - ouch!) .


Early in the hike, we stayed at the old Hawk Mt. Shelter in GA, which was infested with mice. At one point in the night, my husband leaped to his feet and grabbed his walking stick, banging it around, chasing a mouse that had run across his forehead as he tried to sleep. It was not a restful night.


The next morning, I wrote about it in the register and included a crude drawing of a mouse head with the international symbol for "no" over it.


The next day, we were getting supplies in Helens, GA and a fellow hiker came up to us in the grocery store and said "I knew you were in here: I recognized your 'mousebusting' sticks." So, rather than get some other name not as nice,we used it. Even had a friend send us t-shirts that read on the back "...I ain't afraid of no mouse.."


When we became involved with geocaching, it seemed like a nickname I knew and liked, so I used it. And if any of our old friends from the AT were out there, they would know me!


My husband, who was an engineer at GM, now a maintenance man for a local HeadStart program, is toolman47. Toolman, because he is a tool-usin' man and 47 cause it's his year of birth.

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Well, this question has been around before...but there are always new people and it's fun to read about everyone. We live in the North....and love watching the Northern Lights. We adopted it because we could easily do signature items around the name...it was fitting now, and after our kids leave....and it just seem to fit. So, that's us!!

Yes this has been around before. This is the original thread form back in summer 2003. Someone just dredged it up agian.

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I was walking through a forest when suddenly there was a mysterious figure

shrouded in mist in front of me...

I stopped, terror gripping my throat for a moment.

Who are you I asked...


"Boy, you Crazy" It replied


Huh ? I responded

Boy, you Crazy!" It said again...


Then it pointed at a tombstone...


Written on it was my name...

"What can I do to change this image?" I asked the dark figure...


The rest is history.


(Okay, so seriously, it was the very first log in name I ever had on AOL back in those days.) I hate admitting that !


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We got our name from our business. We commission and collect Wade Ceramic items from Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England. The horse photo is a LE colorway of the Horse of a Different Color we commissied. The way we came up with our name is that we are from Kansas so that is the "KS" and that we are Wade collectors so came up with "Wader". So we put them together as "KSWader." Pretty easy to figure out especially if you collect Wade figurines.

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I autocross (Solo II racing) - think parking lot, cones, twisty course, driving at the limit but at less than highway speeds. Actually a very rule-oriented and law-abiding activity, but hard on tires. Corded tires are when the rubber is so worn the cords or belts of the tire are showing through. You're not supposed to be driving on tires like that.


But I once did a whole day of driving school on corded tires. Actually, they were only slightly corded when I started - my husband had done the school the day before, gone through them, and we didn't have any other competiton tires.


Driving on steel was a whole new experience, which I wanted to commemorate. Plus, I'm a bit worn out myself.


-- Carolyn

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I've always been fascinated by ravens. They're intelligent and social. Watching them you get a sense that they really enjoy flight as they soar and tumble through the air. They frequent the places that I like - deserts and mountains - places I'd like to search for caches. When I was thinking of a geocaching moniker, I wanted something with raven in it. I thought of an old Dan Fogelberg record, "Souvenirs" with the song "As the Raven Flies." Fogelberg is known for some goopy love songs but this song has a harder edge to it and a pretty good guitar jam between Fogelberg and Joe Walsh, who produced the album. The song has nothing to do with ravens, mountains, or deserts, but I liked the way the song title sounded as a name - ravens and flight. So I went with it.

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icon_rolleyes.gif<!--graemlin::mad:--> How did you develope your screen name?<BR><BR> I've often wondered about some of the crazy screen names attached to geocachers. Some are obvious. (maybe not icon_confused.gif<!--graemlin::confused:-->) Some are downright hilarious icon_biggrin.gif<!--graemlin::mad:-->.<BR><BR> Several people have questioned mine, so here is the explanation:<BR><BR><BR> I recently spent 9 months in Australia. Aussies definitely enjoy the english language.<BR><BR> Among other quirks, the Aussies use a lot of slang including some Cockney rhyming slang.<BR><BR> In Cockney rhyming slang, septic tank refers to Americans. (Tank rhymes with Yank)<BR><BR> Being a Yank, I thought sept1c_tank fit pretty well.<BR><BR><BR><BR> HOW DID YOU ARRIVE AT YOUR SCREEN NAME?

CDNinCA = Canadian in California. Boring, but true.

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Like many others here mine is mostly self-explainatory.


I have always seemed to define myself by my work. Who I am has always been what I do.... I used to be a soldier in the U.S. Army then I was a Sheriff's Deputy and now I am now a Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service in Fairfax, VA (zip code 22030). Big words for "Mailman" or.... "Snailman." :)

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Spoo is my nick name at work.

I am the company's only Field Service Technician. When I am in-house, I take all the customer technical calls.

My cohorts used to say that I "gave good phone", that I was smooth and had a real Spooey mouth.

The nick, Spoo, just stuck after that.

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Spoo is my nick name at work.

I am the company's only Field Service Technician. When I am in-house, I take all the customer technical calls.

My cohorts used to say that I "gave good phone", that I was smooth and had a real Spooey mouth.

The nick, Spoo, just stuck after that.

Thanks for clearing that up ... wondered about your name. I used to work for a delivery company in college (whose name will remain anonymous), however, the company's initials spelled backwards was SPU. :rolleyes:

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Wonder how kablooey got his!?! I'll read through this thread to see if it's in there. :P

Hmm, I guess I have to add mine, as boring as it is. My CB Handle was Blue Dragon. I used that on the first few BBSes I signed onto, but eventually I ran into a system that didn't allow spaces. My friends already called me Blue; so I just extended Blue into ka-bloo-ey.

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Ok, I'll play too, but it's no big mystery.


It's obvious I like cats, plus I'm a Leo. But not your roaring lion type. More of a quiet kitten type. I tried several nicknames centering on cache or geo and kitten/cat/kitty. Everything I tried was already taken and I was about to give up when I finally came up with GPSKitty.

Mystery solved.

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In the early 80's I got my first computer and started calling the local BBSes. On the ones that allowed aliases, I would use the name Tom Sawyer, because I'm a big Mark Twain fan. When the Internet became popular I kept finding that name already taken everywhere, so I changed to a more obscure Mark Twain character name. Tom Canty was the poor kid from the book "The Prince and the Pauper."

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I really like this topic. I have always been interested in trying to figure out what is behind each persons screen name. In my case, the screen name Dirty Bird was adopted seven years ago when Nissan launched their Maxima Superbowl commercial. In the commercial a squadron of pigeons spots a shiny new Maxima pulling out of a carwash and immediately set off to drop their own store of "bombs" on the car, "Top Gun"-style. The squadron’s leader is a pigeon by the name of “Dirty Bird” who swoops down on the Maxima only to collide head on with the closing garage door. It was a great commercial and the name has always stuck. If you would like to view the commercial online visit Dirty Bird Video The commercial has been rated the #6 best Superbowl commercial of all time by ESPN. :rolleyes:

Edited by Dirty_Bird
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The real amazing thing is two years into geocaching and this the first time I've seen this thread!


I'm Theseus because Theseus slew the Minotaur. What's cooler than that??


Back in my games.yahoo.com days I tried to think up an alias. Something made me think of the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and other than losing his love and causing the death of his father, King Aegeus, he seemed pretty cool.


Sometimes I wish I had gone with Perseus instead.

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My parents recently moved and wanted their children too take some of their old cr...i mean stuff.(i still don't know what breaks the rules around here) In it were the old Dr. Suess books. Amongst them was a book by another author called "Tubby and the Lantern". By brother and i were reminiscing about when he used to call me Tubby and i used to call him Ahmee, the other principal character of the book. When we got into caching, he used the name "the Lantern" which, all things considered is a pretty cool name. Mine became, naturally, "Tubby and" to maintain symmetry.

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Maisoui: High school hi-jinx - teenagers "putting on" a very thick french ("fransch") accent fooling around with my first name, Marie.


Avrohead: Hubby (and cache partner) is a huge fan of the cancelled CF-105 (Avro Arrow) Canadian plane, and "Arrowhead" having been taken on the Geocaching site, he chose Avrohead. But don't ask HIM about it, or you will get a 15-minute lecture on the features and benefits of said plane! :lol: LOL!!



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