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Hello all,


My name really fits me. Kinda silly how I got it. About two days before my introduction to Geocaching, I was in the Bend Oregon area looking for a cave called the Pictograph Cave. The US Forest service has removed any and all roads and signs showing the way to the Pictograph cave. However, I was able to track down some old survey notes. I knew I could find the cave! Big mistake!


I didnt want to go by myself so I talked my two brothers and my little sister into going with me. My mom was still at work so we left her a note telling her what we planned to do. I knew the cave was somewhere by what was known as the Wind Cave. We parked my car at the Wind Cave and started out into the high desert. I knew that its was going to be difficult because the cave was like a hole in the ground. unless you were right on it, you would never know it was there. I still knew we would find it....


After looking around for about four hours, we realized we were lost. I tried to keep track of my surroundings but that was impossible. Everything started looking the same. My little sister was starting to freak out. She could hear coyotes howling in the distance and it was almost dark. This is close to what she looked like except she was white as a sheet <_< . I knew my mom was home from work so I tried to call her on my cell phone. The phone worked once. I was able to tell my mom where I parked my car. She wanted to call search and rescue but I wouldnt let her. I was not willing to be on the local news as a lost hiker!!! I convinced her to go find my truck and set the security alarm off.


Now, it was dark. My sister was about to cry!!! So what do I do. I take a group photo! My 12 year old sister looked so scared and so pale. I felt so bad for her.


after about another 45 minutes, I could hear my truck horn way off in the distance. We were all relieved! It took us about 40 minutes to find my mom and the truck. THANK YOU MOM!!!


Then next day I started looking for other spelunkers. I was told to go to the Pine Mountain Observatory and speak to PMOGUY. After 2 hours of talking to him, I was hooked on geocaching. I purchased my first GPS unit and have been caching for over a year now. Never to be lost again!!!!!


Yes, I finally found the Pictograph Cave two months ago!!! Thanks to Markellie! He placed a cache (GCVQX5)by the cave. When I seen it listed, I loaded up everyone in the car, mom included, and headed to the cave. We found it just before dark. We logged the cache and left. We came back the next day and explored the cave. It was awesome!!!


So, I think my name fits well............. :blink:

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Mine is my first name, combined with a common nickname given to members of my family. Snat is a shortend version of my last name, which is long hard and Polish.


Which reminds me of a joke:


What does a Polish girl get on her wedding night that is long and hard? A new last name <_<

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I didn't think to hard about mine either. I am a big Florida State Seminoles football fan and the 2 years they won national championships were 1993 and 1999 therefore 9399. When I came up with my personal geocoin of course copywrite infringement stuff prevented me from putting such on my coin therefore I put my second love on my coin my Jeep.

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Our last name is Paugh, pronounced paw. My stepsons came up with the name Bear Paughs as our team name.


I have a personal travelbug that I use to record our caching stories, and that is named One Sweet Shannon, the name I've used on most message boards for years. It's a combination of the Dave Matthews Band song One Sweet World and my first name.

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My last name is Wisbey. I have been called "Wiz" since I can remember. When I initially got online (BBS's) someone had already taken Wiz. Unbeknownst to me I had went to school with the Sysop, he remembered me reading The Hobbit, so he asigned me Gandolf (mis-spelled). Even mis-spelled Gandolf is incredibly common, so when I actually got on the internet it became Gandolf565. The 565 refers to May 1965 which is when I was born.

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Mine is after my GPS, a Lowrance AirMap 500.


I was trying to think of a good internet handle when setting up an account for Geocaching, and started looking at my GPS and mapping stuff, and Airmapper came to me.


I'm a student pilot, although at the moment I'm not active in training. I enjoyed using GPS and maps before I even found Geocaching, so Air+ Mapper fits.

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When I lived in Los Angeles, I worked for a company named ARRI. There were three women in that office (myself included) among a staff of 18.


My then-boss assigned me the nickname of "Blossom" when he'd jokingly refer to the three women as The PowerPuff Girls. <_< It could have been worse, I suppose. The other two names are Bubbles and Buttercup. :blink:


So, that's where the name ArriBlossom comes from.


As an added note: I no longer work for that company and no one EVER calls me "Blossom", but it meant something when I created an AOL screen-name of the same name over three years ago. I have a different name that I generally use for online message boards but decided to stick with good, ole ArriBlossom for GC.com. I don't know why. :blink:

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Mine is kind of self describing


Glenn first name K the beginning of my last name. 721 was a number my grand-parents used as to say SHHHHHHHHHH don't talk about something when someone was near by, 721 it <_<


I have used it for years email/screen name, wherever it requires a sign on. Glenn

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Mine is from a license plate I had on my PT Cruiser, a star symbol followed by CRWZR, or "Star Cruiser". I'm into astronomy. probably more then geocaching, and have an astronomy web page based on the license plate, www.starcrwzr.com. I've been using the name "starcrwzr" in many different forums and Yahoo Groups. Even though my daughter has the PT Cruiser, I still keep the name and the web page.


Clear Skies and Happy Hunting!


Scott <_<

Mountain High B&B and Observatory

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I started using mine a couple of years ago when I tried to get another hotmail account for spam (i.e., whenever you'd have to sign up for a website or such), and anything remotely close to my name was taken. I didn't want to use a generic A1B2C3D4 type of alias, so I searched for unusual names and found this one. The origin is Greek, as is my real name, and meanings are somewhat similar. That and back when I was in school and university I really enjoyed the Greek history parts.

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I'm lifting my reply almost directly from the UK forum thread - with some edits!!!!


I'm Robin - I used to chat a lot on IRC - I used Nibor (Robin backwards). A few folks worked it out and I spent far too much time explaining (usually to our cousins across the pond) that I didn't like being "hit on" as I was NOT female and it is an almost exclusively male name here. Most of them did not like this response and said some very un-PC tings to me. I liked the Nib bit so moved to Nibbly, and as Miss N and Mrs N couldn't care less about caching, and sons no.1 and 2 cache in their own right (The Amazing Spider Man and Mcd1) I'm now Mr Nibbler, as Nibbly seemed to be taken.

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Many years ago me and my room mate were sitting watching tv and he turns to me and says... "Skillet...I'm gonna call you Skillet from now on." And he did. Since he was also my boss, I went along with it. After a while it stuck. So I started using it as my online name. The 68 is the year I was born. Couldn't use just Skillet since someone in California already had it. I have the name CachingNoid as well because I work for Domino's.

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I used to play a tabletop strategy game called Warhammer 40K. In this game you have a lot of miniature army men and tanks that you use to kill your opponents army. My army was named the Imperial Gaurd which most people abbreviated as IG. I took to calling my army men IGJoe's as a play on GIJoe.


I was never very good at the game but I've always hung onto my little pun.

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Actually I kinda stumbled into this one. In December of last year a group of people from work were all sitting around the morning conference table showing each other GPSr's they had recieved for Christmas and were all talking Geocaching. I just listened and became interested....then we all gathered in my office and began exploring the geocaching site.....to make this shorter we spent the entire day in there and didn't work a minute. After that "meeting" I was hooked. I went out and bought a GPS that evening, came back to work January 3rd and the group began announcing their "handles". I asked an opinion on what I should use and it was brought up I live on Castle Avenue, in Castlewood Estates and the building that houses my office at work is called the Castle Building so some wiseguy pal of mine......(Michener) said you should call yourself The Castle. I replied, "No way, everyone would think I'm some kind of idiot." Then someone spouted out Castle Man....well, I know I still sound like an idiot, but, it stuck.

Edited by Castle Man
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I picked up mine years back as my alias in the alt.rec.sports.triathlon newsgroup. Since I was by far the slowest member of my triathlon club, triturtle seemed appropriate. I also use it on ebay.


Too bad the masked muggler is too cheap to be a premium member because his story is pretty funny! :laughing:

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I originally came up with my screen name when I was a teenager and the Internet was just getting started. I wanted something that was friendly and very conversational. So I took my first name and added a "Hey" in front of it which forms "Hey Jonathan." Since many Internet websites require a number in your screen name I chose my favorite number which is "101." The end result? heyjonathan101. :laughing:

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Mine seemed to me to be obvious... For those that can't guess...


I was / am An Interior Communications Electrician First Class USN IC1 So when thinking up a good short name for use in cacheing it just sort of jumped out. Then it hit me on just how well it fit with the search of small objects hiden in the wild... ( I see one) so....


The Avatar is the Rating symbol

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Well guess I should give an update, name is still the same but different vehicle.

Name was Newfie + Zedder for I am a Newfie and Zedder because I drove a Z24 Cavalier.

well after a little bit of time caching I found that I was going some places in the Z24 that we pushing it so I traded it on a 2003 4x4 Blazer, ZR2 edition. New vehicle but I can keep the name. :D




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There are three of us and we are all fans of the band Rush.


I think we chose our GC nickname about the time we went to a Rush concert. Our son was 7 and it was his second Rush concert. We decided to make our own T-shirts for the event. They had "Rush" on the front and the boys had "Y"'s (boys = Y chromosome) on the back and I had "Z" (uh, not chromosome related). When we stood together, it said "YYZ". For those who don't know (and you all SHOULD know), YYZ is both the title of one of their best instrumental songs and the airport code for Toronto, which is where they are from.


When we tried to choose a name, we thought first of the three musketeers, but we don't have muskets! :D So we decided on Three Rushkateers. Kinda dorky, but we're OK with that.

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Easy enough...my last name is Boggs. My Uncle Ronald always used to call me _______ ____ BoggyWoggy when I was growing up (sorry, no first/middle name for ya). In high school, being that I'm in Oregon and graduated in '81, the Bagwhan Shree Rajneesh was running the small town of Antelope in Eastern Oregon. He and his "red-clad" followers built a huge commune out there, built an illegal dam on a small river and turned the dry arid landscape into a dream oasis. The reason I'm telling this story is that all of my friends in high school called me "Boggs-wahn," after that dude. I thought about using that as my geo-name, but realized that those Rahjneeshies were bad karma.

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Hubby and I are both avid videogamers, and have been working in the games industry for more than a decade. When we first heard about geocaching, it sounded a lot like playing an adventure game in the real world. And "avatar" is the term for a playable character in a videogame, so RealWorldAvatars seemed like a good name for us. :D To keep with the theme, we leave only videogame-related swag, and we're currently having a geocoin minted with a game controller on one side and a common monster (the mimic) on the other.


Gotta say, geocaching has been better for our health than sitting on the couch playing Oblivion. :)

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I earned the title "sparqui" (pronouced sparky) after an unfortunate incident involving a screwdriver and a live socket. 66 is the year of my birth.


Cool! My nickname at work is Sparky (common spelling), but it has nothing to do with an incident involving electricity. LOL


I have three cats running my house right now...all three are black.


Here's a funny story about a log I received: Someone thanked me for one of my hides by saying, "Thanks guys!" I thought that was cool that they addressed the entire group and not just one of me. :) I didn't have the heart to tell them why I picked my screen name!

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Bundyrumandcoke is an extremely popular drink in Australia. http://www.bundabergrum.com.au/checker.php...rgrum.com.au%2F Bundy rum, actually Bundaberg Rum, is made in the city of Bundaberg Queensland. The best drink in Oz since 1888. The popular mixer with it is cola, or more usually Coca Cola, hence Bundyrumandcoke. I am up to about my 6th at the moment. Its 2.30 in the afternoon as I write this, and its always enjoyable to have a few before I head to bed, my last night shift tonight after about 8 years.


And going back to the very first post in this thread, I could have told you automatically where Septic Tank got his name from, its a very common term over here, but the next step is where the American isnt so well admired, when it becomes Septic W_nk.

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Fun thread! My "handle" is fairly simple.... if you speak or read Cymraeg (Welsh). <_< It means "Big Dog" - Ci = dog, Mawr = big. (Sentence structure is a bit different, with adjectives normally coming *after* the noun rather than before.)


WHY "Big Dog"?


1. I've been training dogs since I was in elementary school, used to work as a dog-walker - taking packs of dogs on 2-hour off-leash hikes, not going 'round the block on leash - and compete in NADAC agility with my own dogs. Doing all of that, I've operated from the principle of being pack leader... LONG before anybody ever heard of Cesar Millan.


2. I'm a smallish person; just under 5' tall, and weighing (depending on time of year and activity level) between 98 and 110 lbs. My ex is 6'5"; my current dearly beloved is either 5'10" or 5'11", and both his kids (who are in middle school) are already considerably taller than me, which makes me seem even smaller by contrast.


Adding 1 & 2 together, you get a running joke about me being "the big dog".


And as to why in Welsh, my grandfather was born in Cymru, and my sister lives there and is fluent; me, I only have a smattering, but I love the language anyway. :laughing:

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My personal username that I use everywhere else is ShesGotSushi. I think it's pretty self-explanatory. I love sushi. Next to Fish & Chips, sushi is my favourite food.


My husband's personal username is MrDrumsticks, because he's a drummer. It's not what he does for a living, but it's a big part of what he's about.


Our team username reflects that we're paranormal investigators.


- HauntHunters

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