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Is it OK to make Waypoints available...


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As a premium member having the possibility to make Pocket Queries, I use this feature to regularly download all Cache Waypoints in Belgium/Luxembourg, then convert them to a format suitable for TomTom Navigator (ov2 format).


This is very usefull to drive with my car to the closest point near the cache.


I now have a request for making this information in ov2 format available to other TomTom Navigator users.


Would I be breaching some kind of "copyright" by doing so? My understanding is that the individual waypoints are "public domain", but that lists of waypoints may not, as you can only have them by being premium member.


Am I right? Or can I publish those ov2 files?




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Another option to increase the accessibilty of the lists to Tom Tome Navigator users is help create a backend for it for a waypoint converter like GPSBabel. Depending on what the file format looks like this job can be done in as little as a few minutes and even by a non-programmer in many cases. Then you don't have to worry about redistributing the data; you've given folks the tools they need to manipulate their own data. This lets you slide into the realm of technical problems and out of the land of permissions, redistribution rights, and lawyers. :-)


If you have information on that file format and would like to help get it supported in GPSBabel, contact me privately or on the gpsbabel mailing lists...

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Listen to Robert. Even if it was OK, it's still not a good idea to distribute the cache lists. The geocache database is very dynamic, and is constantly changing. If you made a list available for download, it could be out of date in days, or even hours. You might be sending someone after a cache that was plundered or archived because it was illegally placed. Helping the users convert their own current gc.com download is a much better solution for everyone.


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As a premium member I get certain conveniences such as larger waypoint files with a minimum of fuss via pocket queries.


Nothing in those queries though isn't already availble to everyone already via geoaching.com.


So I don't think you are breaking any rules to make it available. Just giving yourself a logistical problem to solve with them being outdated regularly.



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Originally posted by Renegade Knight:


So I don't think you are breaking any rules to make it available.


Look carefully at


- especially the section on "permitted uses" - and see if you would still encourage that. And you have to agree to that same license for either GPX or LOC downloads.


Do I really expect the Geo Police to come burst through your door and examine your backup schedule to be sure that you haven't run afoul of rules like "Licensee may make only one (1) copy of the original Data for archival purposes" because you have copies on multiple backup tapes? No. But I don't think I'd want to flagrantly taunt the "Uses Not Permitted", either.


Although now that I'm reading with in max paranoia mode, I'm wondering if every application that reads GPX with Groundspeak extensions or even the .loc format is violating the second paragraph in that section.


I am now a lawyer, but I've spent a depressingly unpleasant percentage of my life dealing with them on software license agreements...

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