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Have a Caching Site? Whats the link?

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Our site originally started out as a way to keep the family back home updated with the kids doings while we're overseas.

Since finding Geocaching, it's been transformed into a site keeping the family back home updated on our caching adventures!




The site mostly contains photos taken while out caching. If you are in Germany don't look! They may spoil a few for you.


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Hey natureboy, we have a site, it's on our profile. Not a whole bunch of caching stuff there. We will be working on a caching page with some of the files that a few people sent us for downloads. We do have a caching article on our front page and a cache section on the message board.




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Originally posted by Criminal:

OK, but what did you think of http://fp1.centurytel.net/Criminal_Page/


It says to click the photo to enter, but I tried clicking the text that said "Click the photo to enter" and it allowed me to enter the site. Now I'm confused. Is that actually an anti-site, like the whole Superman/Bizzarro thing? Do they (the text AND the photo) both go to the same place? If so, why not say "Click on the photo, or even on this text, to enter the site. We promise that clicking on either will go to the same plae."??? Very confusing. And what's that pin thing anyway?



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There’s a reason for that. Every so often I change the photo to match the season or just because I want another one there to greet you. Most times, however, I forget to re-enter the hyperlink and don’t notice it for a few days. If you arrived at the main page and tried to click to enter without the hyperlink, you would be stuck in an endless lop of clicking on the photo and going nowhere. Days may go by before I discover the error and add the link back; meanwhile, there you are clicking away for hours and hours, days and days, going nowhere. Eventually your arm will tire and your head will nod forward. This will cause you arm to pull the mouse back on the mouse-pad, moving the cursor to the text just below the picture. Poof! You’re in!



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Well, since I originally posted to this thread my ISP changed hands a couple of times and I moved. I'd really love to plop down some money for another domain name, but can't see justifying it right now. So, I did one of those webpage forwarding things. Here's the link:




So far I've not had any problems with pop ups due to the service. If you notice any please let me know.


Hopefully I'll be getting some new updates to the site soon. I'm really enjoying doing it.


Oh, and here's the link to our Geocaching Club:


Little Egypt Geocaching Society (L.E.G.S.)




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