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Hi all, kinda new to all this, but diggin' it.


I want to get good cords off my topos and can't find these:


Map grid/square compass rose

Latitude/Longitude ruler

1:24,000 scale corner ruler


Yes, I know these can be printed off some online guides. I'd like something more durable and professional. Any help would be appreciated. Been searching for web business's that carry such archaic instruments. thanks Morock, Klamath Falls, Oregon

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You can check out REI in Eugene. They have a good assortment of navigation gear and great Topographic map programs for Oregon.


I use a C-Thru Ruler UTM Grid Reader with my National Geographic Topos, which I print in off of my color printer. They work great! You really don't need the big 7.5 Quads unless to plan on covering huge distances.


Another tip. If you make a map of an area you like use, I would get the thing laminated. That way you can write on it with alcohol erase pens. They are great for making plots to waypoints and writing down your grids, etc.


Hope this is a good start-



http://www.staedtler-usa.com/category1/markers/lumocolor.htm (more specific, reference the permanent pens)

http://www.cthruruler.com/catalog/navigation/area_scales.php (site may be down once in a while)


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