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I'm thinking of creating a cache designed for those on vacation in Colorado. This cache has several existing caches in the same locale. But to complete this one, you would have to set a date that we could all hike together. The purpose behind this cache is your safety. The high altitude and difficult terrain could make it difficult for those from lower altitudes, so I would go with you and be of assistance wherever needed. So what do you fellow Cachers think of this one.


The "Bushwhacker"


Exitus acta probat


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I think this is a great idea. I would make it easy enough that everyone could do it, but hard enough that it's not just "a walk around a park", if you get my drift.


I was thinking if you had enough people interested, you could break them into groups (like maybe four groups). Then, each group goes and finds two caches. The first cache for each group has coords/clues/whatever. The second cache is the same one for everyone. That way, each group meets back together and combines all the coords/clues. This in turn, would lead everyone to the final (more difficult) cache site.


Whadda'ya think?

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We were talking at a geo-breakfast about how much fun it would be to cache tour Great Britian there are some of the coolest caches there.I'm up for it I would have to save my 2 weeks of vaction time next year.


I would follow my GPS to the gates of Hell if it pointed that way.

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