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Time zone changes

Guest raptorrider2001

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Guest raptorrider2001

Just got back from vacationing in Co. which is a different time zone. I have a Vista and had a great time learning to use it on this trip but have a couple of questions I would appreciate some help with. 1. When I crossed into another time zone, I had to manually reset the time. Looks as if the units knows where you are, it would automatically change the time for you. Am I overlooking something? 2. Is there a way to measure the distance between two way points along my route without having to wait until I get to a waypoint and see what the distance to the next one is? For instance, if I have 10 waypoints and I am at #3, can I find the distance between #8 and #9 at any time or must I wait until I reach #8 and then read the distance to #9? Or, from #6 to #9? Thanks in advance.

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Guest Cape Cod Cache

Time zone changes, yup, manual, time zones are not totally dependant on longitude. States and national boundaries make that a fact. Point 'A' to point 'B' can be done in your living room, set the unit to simulator mode. How far is point 'B' from my house @ 900 mph is better than television at times. People forget about simulator mode, you can learn alot by just playing around, consider it a gameboy with real world applications.

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Guest mrgigabyte

There are 2 ways to determine the relationship between two waypoints on an etrex.


1-- Create a route out of your waypoints. Now, when you scroll through the route (i.e.points 5, 8, 20, 7 etc.), it will give you the direction and distance from point to point (5-8, 8-20, 20-7 etc.).


The problem with this technique is that you can't determine the relationship between one point and many points (i.e. 5 and 8, 5 and 12, 5 and 20 etc.)


2-- An easier way is to search for the the first point. When found in the list, select the map button at the bottom of the page. The Map will now be centered on the first point. Without hitting any other buttons, do another search. This time, there will be a new option. Instead of "Nearest" and "By Name", the new choice will be "Near Map Pointer".


Use either option to locate your second point. When you select the point , the waypoint window will now show the direction and distance between these 2 points. Very slick, but like everything else, no mention of it in the manual.

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Guest raptorrider2001

Thanks to both of you for your help.

Cape Cod Cache, you are right about being to fun to sit around and play with.

Mrgigabyte, I tried the technique you mentioned and it works like a charm. The only draw back is I can't make it read the waypoints that are considered farther than the "nearest waypoints" with out picking another one and starting over from that point. i.e. it may let me see 1-8 if they are near but not 9-20 without picking one of the ones from 9-20 and repeating the steps. Thanks again, you have been a great help.

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