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What do you bring with you when you're hunting?

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Originally posted by Tahosa:

Bow & Arrows when Archery Hunting

Gun & Bullets when Firearm Hunting

GPS & Maps when Caching icon_razz.gif

Beer & Ice when Hunting for Relaxation. frog.gif


Tahosa - Dweller of the Mountain Tops.


Amen Brudda


Darkmoon icon_biggrin.gif


All you have to do to fly is throw yourself at the ground and miss!

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COnsidering since 90% of the things I do, I do alone, I have a Northface fanny pack(750 square inches) that contains emergency food, first aid kit, emergcy blanket, 2 rain ponchoes, waterproof matches, knife,and cache supplies. Plus it has pouches for 2 waterbottles.


I let my wife know which cache I plan to hit and what time I should be home. if I need to spend a night in teh woods I'm prepared for it.


There is nothing like a Packrat who is a geocacher.

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Currently, I have the following items at all times:


1 pair of kevlar gloves

1 pair of neoprene gloves

1 LED flashlight and a LED headlamp

1 pocket knife

1 small 1st aid / survival kit

1 cell phone

1 marker / pen / pencil

Water + energy bars


All this stuff fits in a small backpack.


I also have snowshoes and waders in the trunk of my car just in case... At times, I have also carried a folding shovel with me to extract caches from ice/snow.


And a change of clothes is also recommended ;-)



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