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Just FYI... New GeoCashing Book

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Hi everyone,


Just out of couriosity I went to Barnes and Noble today and asked if there were any books on geocaching. It turns out that there is a new book coming out called GeoCaching: Hiding, Hiking, and High-Tech due to come out on Dec. 5, 2003. If you go to Amazon.com you can pre order it at a discount. Barnes and Noble told me the book will be 19.99 if I purchased it there (you can also pre order it there too). It is written by Erik Sherman and is 256 pgs. Just thought I'd pass along the info. Nochipra

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According to the publishers

info that Barnes and Noble copied for me, it says...

GeoCaching:Hiding, Hiking and High Tech is a guide to the relatively

new and exponentially growing, activity of geocaching. It is a

treasure hunting game using handheld GPS (global positioning system)

receivers that is now played worldwide. Although invented in May of

2000, there are already hundreds of thousands of people who

participate, and that number continues to rapidly grow.

GeoCaching:Hiding, Hiking and High Tech covers not only the

fundamental principles and points of geocaching, but also covers such

related topics as wilderness navigation, hiking, and outdoor safety.

The reason to buy this book is that it combines "how to" information,

the necessary technical background in GPS, navigation, and hiking,

along with some history of the geocachin activity as well as some

narrative spots that give readers a sense of why they should get

involved. The person who expressed interest in being the technical

editor is well regarded in geocaching circles and highly

knowledgeable and will ensure that the information is as directed to

practical use as possible. This book is a comprehensive guide to

geocaching, a leisure activity using GPS technology for a high

introduction in 2000 and that has received wide coverage on

television, on radio, and in newspapers and magazines. It is

particularly popular with extreme sports and high tech aficionados.


The technical editor that was mentioned, the name wasn't given? The

table of contents in the book are going to be: 1: Introduction 2:

Geocaching Basics 3: Geocaching and Navigation Technology 4: How to

Navigate 5: Hiking Basics 6: Hunting a Geocache 7: Hiding a

Geocache 8: Geocaching Variations and Related Activities.


That's all the info I got?

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Christmas presents, theres a good idea. Its been impossible to get my family and friends into geocaching so maybe a book on the subject would push them along.


I'll be buying a copy just to check it out, sounds like it will be an interesting read.




Caching without a clue....

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