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Country 150?

Dru Morgan

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OK, when I started this whole crazy thing, there were 119 countries with caches hidden. The numbers have been steadily climbing, and we currently are at 149. Eventually we will max out. But, we have been stuck at 149 for a while now. I am really curious about when 150 will come on the scene, and which country will it be?


To figure this out, we need to look at a couple of things. First, How many countries are there? Well, if you check with the CIA you will see 256 countries listed. A count of the geocaching.com list of countries available shows 232. I didn't compare them yet to see where the discrepancies are. Presumably, if you placed one in a country not already listed, the database could be manually updated to include that one, so I don't see a problem there.


We are getting down to the end though, I mean, once you have Iraq listed, the rest of the countries are probably very difficult to get into and place a cache that could be maintained.


My question is, which one do you think will be next? Why? and When?


Oh, and who knows an easy way to get a list of the countries in the order they had a cache hidden. A manual slogging through the logs would be impractical. If anyone could get that, I would love to see it.



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The CIA fact book also includes a bunch of islands and such that are territories of other countries as countries in their own right. For instance, the flag for the "country" of Howland Island is actually an American flag; the fact sheet reveals that it's a U.S. territory run by the gov't as a wildlife refuge.


If all goes according to plan, within the next six months or so, I'll be hiding geocaches (probably virtuals) in the currently cache-less countries of Laos, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. I suspect we'll have reached 150 before then, though. My wild guess is that the next country will be one of the more populous and 'modernized' nations in Africa...say, Nigeria.

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My question is, which one do you think will be next? Why?


Probably a place like San Marino because there seems to be one nearby, or maybe there already but is being recognized as Italy (I can't tell because I can't seem to find a good enough map). It's the third smallest country in Europe behind the Holy See and Monaco. There's already one in Monaco. By the way, if you are a numismatist, these 3 countries have the hottest Euros on Ebay.

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My son James is a CAV SCOUT. I bet a few months from now he could place a cache somewhere in IRAQ. Maybe even in the Bagdad Palace?!?!


Mike. KD9KC.

El Paso, Texas.


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Originally posted by ooga booga:

I _think_ country no. 150 is Antarctica...


Yeah, I agree. I saw Antartica appear on the list after the country counter reached 150.


I had a personal interest in the new Ross Island cache in Antartica, as it beat my long-standing record for the southernmost physical cache in the world (once held by my Bluff Hill cache in New Zealand for over 1 year and ten months).




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Here's what I think about Burxina. I can't find any reference to it, not even in the CIA Factbook.

Perhaps it was meant to be Burkina Faso, but that country is not in the Artic Ocean as the coordinates of Burxina's only cache shows.


So here's my theory...someone invented those state and country pulldown menus, and as a joke or mistake, they put in a country called Burxina. Soon everyone was using the same country list, and no one ever bothered to question the existance of Burxina. You, my friend, may have discovered something very big, putting you in the same league as the likes of Columbus and Copernicus!


A search on Yahoo turns up many matches for Burxina, but when you search the web page, it cannot be found. Only by searching the source code of those web pages reveals that Burxina exists only in this pull-down list. Most websites have Burxina hidden from view, my guess is the geocaching website could not resolve the coordinates to any other country and somehow assigned the water in the Artic Ocean to Burxina. Or something like that happened. That's my theory and I'm sticking with it until it's disproved.


Congratulations on your discovery!

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Originally posted by TAT:

Where is Burxina? and is there realy a cache there?


No; no there isn't - otherwise it would show up in the list with a cache.


In an earlier post, it was mentioned that Burkina Fasso was the new name for Upper Volta, and that Burxina probably should have been BF.


Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

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