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My travel bug

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Hi E-man


We've had nothing but more snow and freezing temps since the last time I attempted. This week really has been the first opportunity that it might possibly be retrieved, with this nice weather the snow is finally beginning to melt but the ground is still quite frozen. On Saturday I attempted 5 caches and came out with 1 find because everything is still frozen solid to the ground. I'll give it a try again within the next week or two if noone gets out there before me. Sorry this is the worst winter we've had in ages, we've never had to hide caches with much snow in mind... it's kind of put this area at a standstill with caching.

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place some bugs in the good ole sunshine state. we get to cache all year round. no snow or frozen ground here. we do have weather conditions that make caching uncomfortable though.hot as ==== in the summer and very buggy,BUT, it will be a cold day in ==== when i move to where you have frozen ground. heck i dont even know what that looks or feels like.icon_smile.gif i would very much like to come your way to cache though,love to travel and visit new places when i can. i would like to cache in the snow once though, just to see what that is like.3" of snow and melting is all i've seen in my whole 52 years. anyway hope your bug moves soon and if we ever find it in fla we will gladly move it about for ya. take it swimming ar something . happy cachin ron50eli

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