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How long does it take you?

Guest bearboy

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Guest bearboy

To find a cache once you are within .10? Im just looking to see how I compare with other geocachers.Just post what you think your average is.It usually takes me about 10-15 minutes.I have had them take much longer than that on occasion.

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Guest navdog

Last week I downloaded the new firmware version ( 3.1.4 ) for my magellan that now shows distances under .10 mi. in feet which makes it so much easier to zero in on the coordinates for a cache. I'm sure this will reduce my " find time ".

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Guest db8tr

My Garmin III+ shows distances in feet once you get within a certain distance, probably .1 mile. This really helps me to get quite close. Once I know I am close, within 50 feet or so, I let the gps settle down and get a real good fix then take a compass heading using my trusty brunto and almost always run right into it. Using that method, I ususally find caches within 10-15 minutes of getting close. Sometimes less, and sometimes a lot more.

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