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Your card... is it a cache enhancement?

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As a person who creates cards to leave in caches that I find as well as cards in caches I place, I like them. I will note that I do not promote nearby caches that I placed or even list the number I found, I use them more as a Thank You to the person who hid the cache. I also do not use them as trade items, they are always in addition to anything I might trade.

The cards that I place in the caches I hide are numbered and limited. They are there for the first 15 cachers who go to my cache, they are cache specific and are like a badge of honor for being one of the first 15. I have had great response from both cards.


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What my son and I did was get some pressure sensitive address label stock. We printed our name, email address, 4 square geocaching.com logo on them. We put them in log book then write the date and our comments below them. Works for us, and doesn't take up any more room than the log book by itself.

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I like them. Folks who take the time to make a nice little card that is customized for geocaching are not putting in geotrash, I find it a neat take on the game. I like these little personalized gestures. I just wish I was creative enough to make something like that.


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I have always written my web site address in the logbook when I sign a log. I got tired of writing it. I saw one of our local cachers using a card and stapling it in the logbooks. Sounded like a good idea to me so I began to do that too. I put my web address and email address on there and I also promote our local Geocaching Group, the GGA. I carry a small stapler. Now I have started printing them on sticky back printer paper and just stick them in the logbook next to my scribbling. I like using them when I travel out of state so people will know a "just visiting" cacher came by the cache!


I think the proverbial broken happy meal toy is much worse than a card from a cacher.



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I've seen a few in caches. The ones that are strictly business cards seem tacky, but the ones that are sort of like 'Geocacher calling cards' seemed OK enough to me that I've just printed some up and plan to use them.


My personal rule is that they extend my cache log entry and don't count as trade goods and I won't put them in a crowded cache.


I'm also laminating a few, that have been augmented with travel bug instructions, that I'm going to include with the travel bugs I'm going to send out.

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No, it doesn't enhance a cache in any way. I do leave (staple) my geocaching card in the logbook instead of signing it. I still write in the logbook. The card is just a substitute signature.


I like looking at the cards but they don't "enhance" a cache.


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Has there been a previous topic specifically for people to post images of their cache cards? I did a search, but couldn't find anything like that (only a few threads where some people posted their cards.) I'm working on mine right now, and I'd like to see what other cachers have done. So, does anyone know of a thread? If not, how about posting them now?

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I made up some of these cards and we leave one in each log book, along with our entry. They are left for the owner of the cache (not as a trade item)so that they can have something besides a logbook when they decide to archive their cache for good. Our card changes from time to time, but we always leave one in the logbook.

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I have had some made up. they have:




geocache site

http: (the geocaching web site)

Please take a card so you can log your

find at the geocaching web site. YOu can also drop me an email at (my email address*)


*due to a high quantity of spam in the emailbox i use semi exclusivly at the geocache site I don't like to post it for fear of spiders.

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I've been pondering the design for mine for quite some time now. I hope to get something out in the next week or two.


I'm a HAM radio operator (N6DQX) and cacher cards are, in some respects, akin to the "QSL" cards that HAMS have used for years to confirm radio contacts (QSO's). I've seen posts in these forums from other HAMS who have noted the similarity. QSL cards are post card size and run the range from extremely simple generic cards to fabulously inventive and artistic creations. They can be from anywhere on the planet. They can be as common as the one from another operator in your own state to one from a contact so rare that it's a "collector item" with bragging rights going to the HAM who has one. For many HAMS, QSL cards are a big part of the hobby. I'm going into this here because I believe there's a place in geocaching for something similar to the HAM QSL cards.


IMHO, leaving cards in caches and collecting cards from other cachers could add a lot to the fun and excitement of the sport, especially for those of us who are somewhat (or thoroughly) obsessive about geocaching.


I don't think there should be a lot of rules or protocols associated with what I'm (creatively) calling "Cacher Cards". However, I do think their size should be uniform for easy albuming. There are a lot of ways to store and/or show off business cards and that size is ideal for leaving in a cache.


If you search the forums, you'll find a lot of posts on this subject as well as examples of very well conceived and executed cards.


I agree with those who say that Cacher Cards should be *in addition* to trading items, not a trading item in themselves. I don't agree that they're not a cache enhancement. If I find a card in a cache (either left by the cache hider or by a visitor), I'm taking it for my collection.


I hope others will comment here on this topic and that those who have cards will post them here for us to admire (and get ideas from).


Now, back to my card designing...... maybe my Cacher info on one side with a CA Lottery ticket stuck to the other? Naaahhh.


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