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Stooopid Geocache Questions


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Originally posted by Ramness570:

A couple months ago a buddy of mine and I were standing off trail comparing reading on our GPSs when this older guy walks by on the trail and says to us “Can you hear me now?”… Playing on the current Verizon wireless commercials… Now I could see how he could have been mistaken if we were holding eTrexs or some of the other GPSs that could pass off as Cell phones but we were both holding Garmin GPSIII+s.


Then again while standing over a Triangulation station marker (virtual cache) a guy came up and flat out asked “is that a cell phone or a GPS” I replied “GPS” he says “oh are you entering that thing into your databank…”

Please excuse the older guy, he was being polite and showing Southern hospitality. Surely he saw your mule hitched nearby and didn't want to call attention to your inability of locating that elusive 'hole in the ground'.

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how about some fun, can you see where I'm going with this? hee hee. icon_biggrin.gif


Cache you later,




"It doesn't matter whether you're going somewhere or nowhere, whether you're doing something or nothing. If you're doing it in a boat it's the best time ever!" -Water Rat from "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame (a book I picked up in a cache)

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Originally posted by cachew nut:

Originally posted by bradtal:

They thought the satellite image was cool and one of them asked me, "Where did you get the picture?" I said, "Oh, it's a satellite image I downloaded before I came out here."


Hehe, the joke was on you, the photos are shot from airplanes flying at 20,000 feet.


Actually, the joke is on you. icon_smile.gif Here's a quote from the Terraserver webpage....


What is the Terraserver?

... The satellite images are generated from many sources: ORBIMAGE, SPIN-2, UK PERSPECTIVES, AIR PHOTO USA, AERO-DATA, IMAGESAT, SPACESHOTS, and GEO COM/USGS.


So, we are both right. They are taken from satellites and from airplanes...

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Non-cachers who fail to see the magic of the sport invariably ask me, after I proudly explain in great detail and show them some of my more recent cache finds, "So what are you going to do with all of that junk now that you've hiked all over h*** and gone to pull it out of rusty boxes and Tupperware containers?" I have not yet come up with a response that satisfies them.


Their second question is usually, "Why not just go to McDonald's and get one? They come with a hamburger, fries and a small drink, and I already know where the nearest McDonald's is."



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