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It's like Geocaching, only without the searching!

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...or ''What to do with food in a cache''


On another mailing list I'm on, my brother wrote:


We have a vending machine here at work. It's one of those kind with the sliding doors and the turntable. You push the buttons to rotate the turntable, then slide a clear door aside (after paying) to pull out your selection.


I've taken up the policy of "give something back when you take"


For example, I'll buy pop tarts and put back an OJ. Why anyone would pay $0.90 for OJ, when it's free out of the case is beyond me, but there it is now, for sale for $0.90.


I need to find more creative things to replace the pop-tarts with. Things people might actually buy. Dice, perhaps. Small happy meal type toys. Common household pets. Perhaps a goldfish or two...


This is particularly amusing to me, since he's never geocached in his life.


I take my family everywhere, but they always find their way back home.

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