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Winter weather caches?


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Just wondering if any of you folks hide caches that are specific to the winter? I've been trying to think of an area around here where I can hide a cache where it won't be covered by feet of snow, and also so that people finding the cache won't necessarily give away the location by people seeing their snowtrail. icon_smile.gif


Granted, being in Ohio I don't have to be as concerned with snowcover as folks in the NE - but I just wondered if people specifically hide semi-temporary caches for the winter, since many regular ones will be a bit too inaccessable for most.



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Up here in Canada we have a lot of snow Eh? :-)


I try to place them in areas that won't become snow-bound, under fallen logs, or hidden on hills with good tree cover (and green all year round like Pine) in the forks of trees. Some of my early cache tubes were summer cammo on one side, and winter cammo on the other.


Winter/Summer cammo cache tube


Suspended by rope up in a tree is always good. Footprints are always a problem, but most folks leave fake prints in odd directions to throw non-geocachers off, or perhaps they were having a hard time finding the cache and it just looks that way. ;-)


Nice thing about Winter/Non-winter caching is how vastly different the site looks depending on the season:


Graffiti Footings Winter


Graffiti Footings Summer


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I started doing this last spring so now that it's the first day of fall I just started thinking about what I will do in the winter. Living in this part of New England the weather is so unpredictable. In 1995 we had 17 snow storms, last year we had none. I guess I would try to hide the cache a little higher up in a hollow tree or suspended form something up high. you never know around here, we could get anywhere from an inch of snow to 2 feet. We have a great park around here with cross country ski trails. I plan on putting one in this park soon on an island. One will only be able to get there by canoe or IF and when the ice freezes thick enough, but not in between.


Cache you later,


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Originally posted by Planet:

We have a great park around here with cross country ski trails. I plan on putting one in this park soon on an island.


That sounds cool. On the subject of X-country skiers I placed a cache deep in the woods this summer but I kept seeing these X-Country ski trail markers(at least that's what I took them to be). I kept moving the cache to a spot where I could not see any of these things. It's hard to place a summer cache in the bush where you figure no one will wander across it, but then the snow hits and then I may find out a major ski trail is like, 20 feet away .


Have to wait and see I guess. A cache isn't foolproof until it's gone through a summer and a winter.

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Yes, and I have been wondering about placing caches along the Niagara Escarpment and worrying about what happens during the Spring runoff. It's essentially a cliff that runs for hundreds of miles and those dry areas in the summer or fall can be a lot different in the spring. I wander about water courses rising in the spring as well.

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Here's a thought that I'm considering; tying a string to the top of the cache and running it up the side of a tree so that one can find the string and know that the cache is under the snow if they just follow the string down.


I would say it would be cool to have a 100' or so long string on the ground that one would have to follow but that would be bad for the enviroment.



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i had a thread about a week ago asking if it were kosher to put a cache 15 to 20' up in a tree. Here in the sierras I do a little bit of sledding, and I think it would hella fun to cache by snowmobile.

I am just thinking that if I placed a cache that high to keep it from getting buried, that it would look a little stupid in the summer, ammo cans hanging from tree limbs.



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I would like to see more winter friendly caches. As a veteran cacher of one Michigan winter I came to halt once deer season started but got back into it around the first of the year. What I found was a lot of no-finds. The reception is better but not many people were thinking about what it would look like in the snow.


I don't see anything wrong with the string idea, sounds good to me.




Rusty & Libby's Geocache Page

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Thanks for liking the string idea. I was thinking a flag or something but obviously that would be silly. As you know winter here in MI can be pretty mild so we should be able to get around for a while before we get a snow fall which will melt a few days later. Anyway I hope to do some caching on snowshoes if we get enough snow. Now that will be fun fun fun.



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