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I was just wandering if anyone could tell me of any websites or nationwide franchises that do custom engraving on whatever you give them. I have an idea for a sig item, but I'm just looking for a good engraver. I'm open to suggestions and markwells to previous posts.



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Originally posted by El Diablo:

on what type of material?


El Diablo


I was just thinking that. I am not into doing anything else except for myself (hobby therapy to attempt to keep a sane mind lol), but I've seen plenty of resources online for some things in "my" field. I do engraving as well as sandblasting and sandcarving on glass and mirror. Totally hobby stuff, but have been thinking of doing carvings on some of those glass "rocks" often used in flower arangements.




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I am an engraver. All the gear I work with is computer controlled.


Diamond drag metals; flat, odd shaped, cylindrical.


Brunish; flat stock metals.


Rotary; soft metals, plastics, acrylics


Laser; wood, plactic, composites, acrylic, glass, coated metals. It's a CO2 laser so it doesn't cut or mark raw metal. I also have a ceramic coating I mark hard metals with.


Email me with info.





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Sorry, had no time to respond to the post. I was hoping to get it on some kind of metal (not sure what) I'm thinking alloy. But basically a caribiner keychain that I found at one company where they'll engrave it for you, but it's more than i'd like to pay. I just want K-9Cacher on the top and www.geocaching.com or maybe my web adress on the bottom...



Extra batteries for GPS, don't leave home without 'em.

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