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How many states/countries under your belt?

Guest King Pellinore

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Perhaps, almost certainly so, what I am about to say has been mentioned in this thread....


I read most the replies, not all, so excuse me.


California should be a separate category, as should most of the west..it's HUGE...and it's where I live.


BUT...I have been back east often....your states are like a stone's throw from each other, even the biggest of them. Seriously....Ask anyone from the west, (and I'm talking WAY west, NOT Missouri), and they will tell you that the most AMAZING thing about going back east is how close everything is together. Not just STATES...but towns and cities as well.


Perception...it's very different for ALL of us. For me....anything within 100 miles is in my backyard. For people not more than 30 miles away, (but in a BIG city), it's entirely different.


BTW....I am SOOO remote that even within 100 miles puts me in contact with probably less than 10% of the caches most of you pursue.


That's ok, each to their own. In fact...I would LOVE to team up with a 'city' guy because it would be "new", "fun", and last of all..."Helpful". After which we could turn things around....and I can be the leader. <smile> well, maybe not....that is probably NEVER a good idea. - JamesJM

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Originally posted by CWL:

Only the Tri states here in Memphis...



I hope to venture out further.


Having ridden with Chuck, I think it would be safer for everyone if he stayed close to home... icon_razz.gif


Ok. So I haven't ventured much farther with my caching -- TN, MS, AL, AR, MO.

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