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Any other internet hobbies out there?

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Of course I know of geocaching,

and wheresgeorge.com, book crossings, and letterboxing.


Are there anyother internet hobbies out there, preferably something that would get me away from my computer (seems like an oxymoron).


Something that will get me out of the house, but uses the internet.


Somewhere In ND

South of the hill

North of the tree

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Originally posted by umc:

There is geodashing and MinuteWar too.


Check out the newest creation Geo Golf as well. Played three holes today and plan to hit a few more in a minute. Found at least 2 places to hide geocaches in the process.


I'm already thinking about having a GeoGolf tournament event set on a 1km scale in a local park.



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Well, I'm glad someone mentioned thinging. I am having a ball with it. Thanks to that site, I just finished eating my first bag of "Prawn Cocktail Flavour" snacks, and I have a jar of a noxious-looking substance called "Marmite" on my desk that I'm working up my courage to try!



Scott Johnson (ScottJ)

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I was thinking that VC's could be converted into a tour of a city (Geo Touring). People could list cool places with descriptions and coordinates. When a person knows that they will be in a place for a couple of days, it would be cool to get this kind of info on a town rather than the tourist stuff that usually isn't so great, and really doesn't let you get the same feel for a town that geocaching does.




7 3 10 13 23 36 59 95 ...

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