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Cache Containers(what do you use)


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I was wondering..what does everyone else use for Cache Containers out there. I personally have seen ammo cans and rubbermaid, but find clear containers will draw in condensation even if they are sealed and soak the contents. I have thought of using Coleman water jugs with the large lids(the 1/2 gallon style, they are waterproof and insulated). Would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions for new and interesting containers. icon_biggrin.gif

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Ammo boxes are by far the best containers. At 3.99 each (at cheaperthandirt.com) they are as cheap as decent plastic containers. My second choice is the Rubbermaid containers with the blue rim.

For smaller caches, I use the army decon boxes.


Forget about cheap dollar store plastic containers, Chinese food/deli type containers and Gladware containers. They are useless, unless you are placing a cache in an area where it is likely to be plundered and don't want to risk losing a good cache container.

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And I always place the contents inside a ziploc, though I've found since I started using ammo boxes, this step isn't necessary. I still do it out of habit and in case a finder doesn't close it properly. When I use plastic containers (decon and Rubbermaid) ziplocs are a necessity.


Don't wrap your cache in a plastic garbage bag. This seems to be popular in some regions. I was in Sacramento last week and most of the caches were in garbage bags. Yuk!

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Ammo boxes, decon boxes, (I have used a mortar shell container), we are hooked on army containers as they are easy to use, cheap, and built to be outside for a long time. Tupperware containers have one flaw. If you don't get a perfect seal, they aren't sealed at all. Water gets in and the contents are soaked. Ammo boxes have one other advantage, once you know what they look like, you can plan what items to bring for trade knowing what size the cache is.

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Glad ware containers (clear with blue cover) may be great at hone in your refrigerator, but they not good for cachingmay be great at hone in your refrigerator, but they not good for caching icon_mad.gif. Every one I’ve seen that has been exposed to the weather had nothing but soaking wet inside.

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Obviously I'm a fan of the ammo can. Been using these handy containers all my life for one thing or another. My dad retired from the Army, and I just recently retired from the Army Reserve. I've used ammo cans to hold and store everything from extra MRE's to Christmas decorations. I've yet to find a cache in an ammo can that was wet or even damp.


Just my humble opinion.


Mac icon_biggrin.gif


"Aren't you guys ready for bed yet???"

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I started useing paint ball pods the ones you put in pacts that hold a 100 paintballs spring open lidsand if you sand them and paint them the paint stays on really good.


The cool thing about them below where the lid closes there is this lip.If you take a zip tie and put it under the lip and make a loop out of another zip tie and put them together you can attach a hook or one of those climbing clip hooks for rope.You can hang them in trees or almost any where,there kind of like big decon pods.


I would follow my GPS to the gates of Hell if it pointed that way.

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I've used more plastic than ammo containers. Besides tupperware I've used peanut butter jars, peanut jars, plastic magnetic key holders and just about anything else you can call a cache.


They all work fine. I've had hundreds of logs and only once did an ammo box fan complain that I didn't use an ammo box. I guess one of these days I'll have to go find one of their caches and complain about the ammo box. icon_biggrin.gif


Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

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I'll have to go with the rest of the posters here and say ammo containers. They're just great for geocaching, and a lot of them blend in well in a heavily wooded surrounding. I've also seen a lot of caches in coffee cans, which I guess isn't that bad, but a lot of the caches that were hidden in one did seem to be rusting on the bottom. Yet, I still love the ammo container idea for a cache.

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How about a Thermos, they are waterproof and insulated and you could always call it a coffee break cache and place it along a highway where a person would stop, stretch their legs and have a cup of coffee to stay alert (like at a rest stop).


My other idea would be a canning jar, maybe with a garden theme - people could exchange vegetable and flower seeds?

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hey BugZap -

I wasn't meaning to put coffee in the thermos - I meant that because it is insulated and leakproof, the thermos would make a good dry cache container. It could be placed at a place near where you would stop for coffee and encourage tired drivers to stop and rest and stretch their legs at a rest stop along a highway. I never would put coffee in it (although a certificate to be redeemed for a cup of coffee would be an idea). icon_cool.gif

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