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Couples Caching

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We're house hunting so my wife gets me to put in couple of waypoints for the houses which we stop at on the way to a cache. She's not really into caching but will go along. Most times she'll sit in the car while I'm hunting the cache although last weekend she and our dog buddy went along. It was a flat macacdam type trail for the most part. When we got to the bushwaching end, she stayed on the main trail with the dog while I took on the ticks!.


She's actually a good sport about it.



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Puppy and I aren't really a couple, but I suppose since we seem like one to the rest of the world, we could qualify for this thread haha


Every time I think I'm more obsessive about it, he ups the ante. We'll be out somewhere, or not have anything to do, and he'll be the one that says "LET'S GO CACHING!!".


However, I'm still the only one that has an account and actually browses the site and the forums. He leaves that to me. Our cache placements also seem to be 95% up to me. He's more of a details man. I get us to the general area, and he goes in for the kill.


He can't really go without me, as I have the GPS, however, he's said he's going to steal it for a couple of days and hide a cache so he can make me find it. I've gone for a FTF a few times alone when I couldn't get ahold of him or he couldn't make it, but I don't have a very good find rate without him haha. He still has a knack for just putting his hand down to look closer and having it land on top of the cache.


If we each had our own GPSrs, we might get competitive about it, however, I think we both realize that we do everything together anyways, and work quite well as a team. I'm not sure if he'd be too motivated to go by himself, or if I'd manage to find half the caches I search for without him.


As for improving our friendship? It gives us one more activity to do, one more reason to drive, which we like, and of course, one more drain on the gas tank. There have been times where we've gotten annoyed at eachother when one of us forgot a flashlight and I act all girly, pointing and asking "Did you look over there??", "Go look over there!", or we get in eachother's way, but I think overall, it's just one more thing we experience together, and one more source for laughs and stories.


A great serial killer once said, "Beauty is only skin deep. Trust me, I've looked..."

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My wife and I usually cache together along with my step-son, though I have been on a few hunts with my dad or by myself. We both log under this name, but when it comes to finding the cache, she loves to get it tracked down before I do. Thats her biggest thrill. She would never go caching by herself.


We have until this weekend, just used my Mag 315, but I found a Platinum on Ebay for a good price, so now we will each have our own GPSr.


She says I get overly excited when we get close and she really gets a kick out of finding the cache before I do. (I think she enjoys the entire event more than I do, but she just won't admit it.)



RW Da Man!!!


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After this past weekend I decided to include the wife and change us to Team Titus213. She enjoys the hunt as an excuse to get out in the wild and take pictures for her art business. She has an aversion to anything electronic so I carry the GPSr. icon_biggrin.gif



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Interesting topic...my husband & I started out caching together...it was only natural. At first we used the GPS built in to his PDA, as the obsession grew I got my own GPS unit. First it was just going for 3 or 4 on a Saturday, maybe running over to a cache not far from home on a weeknight after dinner...(of course that was before the days started getting so short.)


I'd have to say my husband's more obsessed than me, as before long he started caching constantly; of course, I work full time and he is retired so he has the time to devote to the game. I love geocaching, but I have to balance the fun with other aspects of my life and sometimes that causes a little friction. It also makes me sad that he's gone and found all the caches within a short drive of home, while I have many yet to go, and I really don't enjoy going together to a cache that he has already found. So I go alone.


I'm hopeful that since he has now bagged a few FTFs (not before I did though heehee) AND has also joined the Century Club, maybe he'll ease off a little when newer caches appear and wait for when my schedule allows for it and we can go together again.


We did attend a cache event together recently which was great fun, and plan to get some caching in out of state later this year.


Happy Trails!

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My wife Daggy and I have been caching together since July of 2001. I have over 1300 finds and she is in the 1200 range. We both still cache alone sometimes or with others but our majority of finds are together. Along with my nephews we formed Team Dragon Along. We all log as individuals.

Daggy and I started with one GPS but of course she got her own the next Christmas. I am on my second GPS but I have kept the same wife. After 28 years it would be too hard to train another one. We cache every weekend often traveling up to 300 miles in a day. We have taken several caching vacations and are always getting away for long weekends. We are non-competitive with each as for as numbers go. I think our relationship has improved. I was always into sports and she was into arts and crafts. But now we share a common sport and we love it. We hope to continue caching for years to come.



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