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using find in Mobi Pocket reader

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Make sure you have the newest version. I loaded MP when they first did querries and it allowed find next. or at least finding from the appendix.


Palm crashed, reloaded MP.. couldn't search from appendix.


Palm crashed again.. reloaded MP, could search from appendix and find next.





Pedal until your legs cramp up and then pedal some more.

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While Mobi makes it easy to get the info onto your PDA, finding what you are looking for out in the field can be a real pain.

I have recently switched to Plucker. I first use Spinner to turn gpx files into something Plucker can read. Then download it to my PC, then load it into the PDA. This is a little more time consuming than the Mobi method, but once you have the info on the PDA, Plucker is much more user friendly than Mobi.

There are several threads with links to Spinner and Plucker, so just search and find.

Good Luck,



Me ambivalent? Well..... yes and no.

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