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Do you e-mail finders?

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Does anyone ever e-mail the finders of their cache just to thank them for taking the time to find it? I've never been e-mailed and dont expect it but thought it might be a neat idea to do. Alot of people have thanked me in their logs for hiding the caches and I thought it would be nice to e-mail them back. What do you think? Just a short note saying your welcome and thanks for the nice comments, hope to hide more soon. Hope you enjoy those too.



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I received a thank-you email from the owner of first cache I found (by Indy Diver). I thought that was really cool and have since emailed every finder of each of my caches.


I don't expect, nor do I get emails from most cache owners. I just think it's a nice thing to do.


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I do email the finders of my caches if they have something interesting to say in the post or to say congrats on my multi since it takes about 2-3 hours to complete. I like to find out more about what they thought, etc.


If it's just one of the smaller & easier caches I've placed and the log is TNLNSL then no, I don't.

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I've e-mailed some cachers sometimes even when they log finds on caches I don't own.


If they are new cachers, I'll pop them an e-mail to welcome them to geocaching. If I notice they are handicapped, I'll send them a list of caches suitable for handicapped people. If they have small kids, I may send them a list of child friendly caches. If they are from out of town/country, I'll thank them for stopping by my cache (not others). If they seem frustrated, I'll pop them a line with advice or let them know they can ask me any questions. I will always thank them for visiting my virtual caches.


I think I have too much time on my hands.


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Not to congratulate them or thank them, but I will e-mail them if I have a question about something they mentioned in thier log. Usually something about the condition of the cache, or how it was hidden.


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i often get emails from hiders, but i often write long involved logs, so there's more of a conversation. i never get emails when i leave short logs.


and i send emails to people who leave interesting logs, most of the time.


i have a pair of difficult multis about which i receive an average of a half dozen messages a day, informing me of progress, and asking to confirm direction of thought. i respond to all of these promptly.


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We got a very nice email from Nurse Dave regarding Classy Cache. Other than that, we've never heard from a cache owner about finding it. We have heard back from cache owners when we had questions regarding a missing cache or similar things.



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I E-mail -ALL- my cache finders, thanking them for for visiting my cache, and welcoming them to visit my other caches - if they liked the one they visit.


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