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Suicide note..???...Gee I hope not...


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Yea, I posted this elswhere, but hey, come ON....


Quote from another thread: "so if he will allow this thread to continue, maybe there will be a place for us to just be friends, or have a heated discussion, or tell a joke, or what ever else would happen on the set of Cheers. All this without having to worry about being "ON TOPIC," all the darn time."



Point taken. You win. If anyone wants to have a friendly conversation with people in your own demographic, in a less stiff environment, then click on the little icon under my name and go the the Other Stuff forum.


I like this site and will continue to support it as long as it lasts.


I enjoy the company of geocachers more than the activity itself and it's too bad that The Great and Powerful Oz can't recognize what he's doing to it for many of the loyal.


Jeremy, I will endeavor to be more on topic and have less fun on your site in the future. No promises as I will not betray my character.


Good Day Sir!


[Quick! frog.gif Lock, or delete this before someone agrees with me....sheesh icon_rolleyes.gif]



texasgeocaching_sm.gif Sacred cows make the best hamburger....Mark Twain.

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Originally posted by mckee:

I suppose if we post here we'll be laughed at like all those human shields were......



You have the right to defend yourself, even when geocaching!


Where is Sean Penn when you need him?



"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand." - Homer Simpson

Eamus Catuli AC145895

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