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Guest cascade

Cache statistics

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Guest cascade

Who has the most finds? Who's planted the most? Which state has the most caches?

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Guest rdwatson78



Most finds: Show Me The Cache has found 296


Most hidden: Myotis has hidden 63


State: California or Utah perhaps




[This message has been edited by rdwatson78 (edited 08 December 2001).]

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Guest jeremy

Top 10 finds:

Show Me the Cache 296

erik 274

denali 266

CCCooperAgency 238

stayfloopy 234

Gumby&Pokey 231

bunkerdave 228

Dhobby1 220

bent_twigs 213

BruceS 213

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Guest Just a Short Walk

Hey this is neat! I like the fact that I can go to see who the top placers are!

Cool, I always wanted to know how I stand...(Only #3 I'll have to get busy!)


I wish Jeremy would add # placed next to the users # Found..


THANKS for the link!

"Just a Short Walk"


Originally posted by Gustaf:

More detailed on:

http://www.geocaching.info.se (click on world ranking)


I have now added a few requested features. The latest addition is home state of each cacher.

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