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ANOTHER POLL: Educated Geocachers?

TEAM 360

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Okay, I hate those surveys that ask you everything personal, like your age, income, purchase preferences, number of kids, cars, hobbies...but I was wondering, since we have a lot of computer-savvy and techno-geniuses in here, what level of education do you have? I don't want to know who has what, no post after the poll is necessary, but I would like to see the average level of education that runs among us. (Please be honest)-

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I was put off by the education system at an early age.

All it is is a uniform conditioning dumbed down to accommodate people with an I.Q. of 90 or less. It's like forcing everyone to crawl forever until everyone is ready to walk.

So anyway I wasn't going to pay for that. I learned everything after high school on my own.



I am the result of genetic manipulation of superior Geocacher DNA. Faster, stronger with superior reasoning and logic.


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My professor is (hopefully) currently reading the almost-final version of my Master's Thesis. Hoping to get it covered during this spring, but more important activities like geocaching keep slowing me down!icon_biggrin.gif


- All you need is a sick mind and a healthy body. -

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Shecatcher, I am not asking you to put up a post with your name on it and reveal your educational level. You could just pick one answer in the poll and vote, and no one will know it was you. In fact, if you don't want to vote, don't.


I have a two year degree, since you asked. I don't have any problems revealing that.


For those of you who chose to leave high school and do it your own way, choosing the first option would be appropriate.

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My situation isn't on there either. icon_smile.gif


I'm a year away from getting my doctorate in a professional program (most people view it as being equal to grad school.) Six years of college down, only one to go... never thought I'd see the light at the end of the tunnel. icon_smile.gif



When in doubt, poke it with a stick.

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Originally posted by sbell111:

I think the poll covers everyone. A person who has not finished high school would fit 'Up to and including high school graduate'. In the same vein, one that is completing graduate work would be 'Up to and including a Master's degree.'


The wording on the choices was changed AFTER I made my post....They didnt have the "Up to and including" part....


And actually, I have two AA's, a BS, and am working on a Masters... icon_razz.gif







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For those who blame the school system on your inablity to learn...gimme a break.


There are a lot of factors and the fact that some of you claim higher IQ and then in a roundabout say way you failed at school are just deluding yourselves.


I went back and looked at my high school GPS. 2.57 and I was impressed it was that high. I remeber doing a lot worse.


My grades sucked in certain classes because I chose to do badly. Not because the teacher's were not there to help. It was my choice and mine alone.



Wherever you go there you are.

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Originally posted by TEAM 360:

Okay, I hate those surveys I don't want to know who has what, no post after the poll is necessary(Please be honest)-


Honest you say? You know dang well that anybody with a BS degree in forum posting will get sucked in here like .....well, you know what. frog.gif

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Originally posted by jtice:

I have an Associate Degree in Computer Information Management. And have built 3 computers from scrap.

What do you mean by "scrap"? The scraps of 10 old computers you had laying around? That's not too impressive. Now, if you started with nothing but a bag of sand, then I would be impressed icon_eek.gif !


Lil Devil lildevil.gif

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B.S. Molecular biology/ Medical Technology.


Hopefully to be published for esophageal & lung cancer research this year...I hope.


With those projects over, I now need a job.


"The more I study nature, the more I am amazed at the Creator."

- Louis Pasteur

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Up wheres I'z frum wheez don't have no schools to git ejubucated so I lurned evryting I'z no frum da girly magazines in Uncle Pawr's trailor. Seen a picture of a computer wonce so I carved me one out of a old pine tree. Can see all kinds of stuff if yur hold yur eyes jus right.

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Probably way too much information but here goes.


He: Bachelor of Pharmacy


She: Degrees in Anthropology, Art History and the big one... Doctor of Pharmacy...and now a housewife.


Till a voice, as bad as Conscience, rang interminable changes

On one everlasting Whisper day and night repeated -- so:

"Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges --

"Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go!"


Rudyard Kipling , The Explorer 1898

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posted April 21, 2003 09:16 AM

For those who blame the school system on your inablity to learn...gimme a break.


How about the fact I was locked in the supply closet everyday for three weeks in the third grade, and wasn't allowed to speak or see anyone for being "too talkative in class." My lunches and assignments were brought too me, and I had to use the bathroom in the principle’s office. I would actually pray for someone to come in and use the dado machine, just so I could see someone and stop reading the spines of all the books. I'm 26 now and I still get mad if I see something with McMillan publishing printed on it. My parents didn’t find out about this until recently. I didn’t want to tell them because I was in trouble, and apparently the school withheld that information from them.


Don't judge others from your own experiences.

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Yep, Female, 12th grade education from then on I learned it on the steets.

Got married to real smart guy now I just ask him if I don't know something it works great.

Most of my time in school was spent out of school at a beach in Texas. Well I can't change it now but I wish I could.





Horizontals where it's at!

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Originally posted by Cracker7M:

Why does everyone have to ASSU-ME that to geocache you have to be some collage proffeser er rockit sientest?



Hey now, some of us are actually college professors. icon_smile.gif


-Doc Ott

A day without thermonuclear fusion is like a day without sunshine.

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Does a mail order Ph.D. count? icon_rolleyes.gif


If so, a Doctor of Theology in the Universal Life Church.


If not, just another lowly college grad, Forestry. Some grad work and a slew of various certifications.


Wife: Zoology and Early Childhood Education (what a combo!). Now working as an office manager/broker for a real estate firm. I'm sure there's a connection there, but I ain't touching it.



"The time has come" the Walrus said "to speak of many things; of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and Kings".

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I have a BSME in engineering (mech), however, the best part of my education has been the part that I dug out and learned on my own. By far the most of my accomplishments and ability to excel come from the self educated portion of my education. We as a society tend to think a person can only get knowledge from a formal education. We even routinely only give jobs to those educated in a particular way. The truth is a formal education is only one of several ways to become educated, and it isn't even necessarily the best way. At the top are MANY uneducated educated.


** The worst suggestion of a life time may be the catalyst to the best idea of the century, don't fail to listen to suggestions.

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When I was in high school many years ago, I was allowed to attend high school in the morning and college in the afternoon. After about a term or so, I decided to quit high school and go to college full time. After a few years of going part time and full time and doing computer consulting, I got bored with school altogether. Started teaching computers at a local school and doing more consulting. Went into electronics for a few years working on satellite and radio communications for computer networks and now a computer systems manager. Almost everything that I have learned in electronics and computers was on my own. I'm also pretty good at working on cars, home remodeling and repairing almost anything that I need to. I enjoy learning and like to believe that I have at least a little knowledge of a lot of different things. I have seen quite a few people that I have worked with that have bachelors or masters degrees and a few with doctorates that have absolutely no knowledge of anything outside of their field, so I'm not too impressed with anyones level of formal education.

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When an engineer starts an intor to me with a list of their education creds. I know they are all talk and not accomplishments. I've been right about that 100% of the time!


I can do anything I want to do, WHY? because I figure out how and DO IT!!! thus the snow ball effect!!!! -- skills stack up!!!!




** The worst suggestion of a life time may be the catalyst to the best idea of the century, don't fail to listen to suggestions.

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Mine's not exactly there either... I have a total of something like 4 full years of college from several schools (I went to the schools that offered the programs I wanted) then quit because I worked too much and made more money than everyone I knew. Even people that were twice my age at the time... Of course now I tend to think I should have finished or should finish but in my personal situation, it wouldn't help me further my place in life that much. At least not right now, but maybe later...


My wife has a high school education and I don't think it would ever be possible to replace her. She's the best mom in the world and one hell of a wife (she has to be to put up with my crap for so many years!).




PS. I also have many years of training in several fields from the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps.




Come visit us on the web!!

The JJ&C Railroad


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Interesting poll, in a strange way.....

I trained as an architect with a minor in land survey. Then, coz it was boring as H#@% I went back and did a further degree in structural engineering. Then, coz it was as boring as H#@% I went back and did a further degree in electronics. Then, coz it was as boring as H#@% I went and became a pro musician for a while until I bought a fish and chip shop. Now, I am back working in the survey industry - using and maintaining sat receivers... This geocaching stuff is a busmans holiday if there ever was one!


Snake (of Bug and Snake)

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