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Would you go after a multi-cache requiring a laptop/PDA with a wireless card?

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I have an idea for a multi-cache where one of the legs requires the cacher to have a laptop or a PDA equiped with a wireless card in order to get one or more set of coordinates from a web server.


The cache description would specify the network settings required for the Wi-Fi card to connect to the wireless network and the web server.


However, it would be up to the cacher to find the area within which the Wi-Fi signal can be received icon_wink.gif


A cache a day keeps the blues away...

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Although i have no idea what this PDA you speak of is, i'm sure that it would be okay to place it. Similarly, if the cache were in my area and the cache were raved about, i would do my best to acquire some PDAs and find it.

In high school, PDA meant 'Public Display of Affection' and PDAs were strictly forbidden on school grounds. My, how things have changed since the 1990s!


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I can Markwell that. icon_biggrin.gif


Check out this cache. I remember when it first came out the hider posing pretty much the same question you just did. I don't have the equipment so we haven't done it. (It's also disabled at the moment) From the logs it sounds like everyone had a good time.


smile02.gif If ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy people??



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I have no opinion either way, except that I hope this sport dosn't go in this direction.


I think if I ever saw someone caching with all that stuff, I would probably laugh myself to tears. Or, at the minimum, walk away shaking my head. Most of my 100+ finds have been with my GPS and the cache page...nothing else. Sometimes if I know its an all day hunt, I might attempt to find enough junk to fill a backpack and carry that too.


Do this one if you must, but if these get to prevelant, I may be the first to recommend a special category for caches requiring specialized equipment to find them.





"The trail will be long and full of frustrations. Life is a whole and good and evil must be accepted together"


Ralph Abele

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Originally posted by TuskerKeg w/GeoDog:

Yes as soon as I get a wifi card for my Axim X5 I would like to try a Cache like that.



I have the Axim and the Linksys WCF12. It seems to work pretty well.


What I want to do it connect my eTrex Venture to the Axim.


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