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Locationless: Yea! Now how about...


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...a category for Moving Caches?


I'm not talking Travel Bugs or hitchhikers, but caches that actually have coordinates and have to be found (virtual or real) and then are moved by the cachers to another location.



Photographer's Caches (1-10)

Moving Target

Gilbert's Stash a Traveling Cache




These are real or virtual caches that can be sought by using the current coordinates. The person that finds the cache has the option of or leaving it or moving it to a new location and posting the new coordinates.



My Geocaching Page

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Originally posted by The Artful Dodger:

is BrianSnat's excellent http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=12250


Located in North New Jersey. The only difference to the above caches is that the new coordinates are not posted on the cache page but are controlled by an 'anchor' cache that must be seeked out before searching for the moving cache.

Yes, and of course the anchor cache never moves . . .

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Okay I can understand MOC for traditional.


But a Members only locationless cache ......uuuggghhh its so ridiculous of a concept that I cant even say it.


Hell I was thinking of making the neighborhood 7-11 a virtual members only cache in honor of the members only locationless cache.

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I had the oportunity to log one of the photographer caches today. I love the idea of a moving cache. It gave me a reason to go out on one more hunt, even though there were no new local caches around.



Been there, Logged that, Got the T-shirt

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