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How close is too close? How about .1 mile?!

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Two new caches showed up here today in L.A. - and both of them are almost on top of already established caches. In the first instance, the "older" cache has only been around for a couple of days, so I can assume both hiders placed them around the same time and waited for a couple of days to go online. Just a coincidence. But in the case of the new Mt. Lowe, a cache has been in place at the same site for more than a year; its name? Mt. Lowe! I'm all for there being as many caches out there as possible, but it seems odd that the new MT. LOWE would have been approved, doesn't it? Or is it just me?



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I think the admins use a .10 mile rule as the minimum distance. Funny, when I first started placing caches I was afraid they'd reject a cache that was 3 miles from an existing one.


I know of a pair of caches in NJ that are just a few hundred feet from each other. I think they were placed before the admins started using the .1 mile guideline.


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We just had an amusing incident with our latest cache. A new geocacher posted that he found our cache, AFTER he had tried to place a cache... just 15 feet from ours! TPTB notified him that there was one too close. icon_wink.gif They didn't notice it when they searched the website to see if there was an existing cache. Apparently, they even walked over our cache when hiding theirs... They did retrieve their cache and placed it a mile or so farther down the trail. I am watching to see it pop up, so we can go find theirs, hopefully this weekend!

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It is perfectly reasonable that there be a guideline that stipulates that caches should be at least .1 miles from each other. This would include caches hidden by the same person. I would like to see it written on the "Hide a cache" page. Cache density c ould potentially be one gripe that land managers have with geocaching. In the case of a park in Maryland, it was reason enough to have all caches removed.


Hiders should use discretion when placing separate caches in close proximity to each other. Why not create a multi?? It seems that "it's about the numbers" again.


One example of cache crowding&

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Originally posted by -=(GEO)=-:

I understand the rule if the caches belong to different people but can 2 caches with the same owner be placed within .1 mile of each other (I'm not talking about a multi-cache here)?




Having been busted by that very thing I can honestly say. Yes.


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There is some terrain in which 2 caches might be placed within 528 feet of one another and it would take an extreme effort to cover that distance.


In most cases, though, I believe the .1 mile minimum distance between caches is actually quite generous. I would prefer a .25 mile minimum distance, but I can live with .1 since that's what has already been established.

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